Summary: I began with a true story of a young girl rescued and brought to know Jesus. Father’s are to be guardians at the gate of their home, protecting their children from the sin and immorality of the culture, teaching the word of God and demonstrating love and

In Jesus Holy Name June 17, 2007

Text: Deuteronomy 11:1, 4:9 Father’s Day

“Guardians at the Gate ”

Story: “Father of the Year Essay” Merced County by Halley

I think my step-dad is “father of the Year” because of our unique story. Let me explain. Long before I was born, my mother married Pete. They had two kids; my half-brother and sister, Peter and Melissa. Later my mom and Pete both married other people. My mom’s second husband, Ron, is my (genetic) dad and together they had me. While I was growing up Pete and Vicky, his wife, would pick me up to go with them when they would visit my siblings in various places.

Then, in the middle of the night, January 23rd, 2001, just after my ninth birthday, my mom and dad were arrested. Because of their bad choices. (meth drug use) I was separated from them, and told I would have to move in with a “new” family. Everything in my life changed. The next morning, word of my problem spread fast. I was with my Social worker looking at possibilities for my new family when she told me, “your family called and they were going to take you in.” I didn’t know then what family she was talking about, but when I got to their house, I saw and rushed to Pete’s side. Luckily, God was watching over me and that family happened to be Pete and Vicky. I was relieved to know that my sibling’s dad, my new “step-dad” was going to take me in.

My step dad, Pete, has done so much for me. Since Iwas little at the time, I didn’t think to thank him much for taking me into his home. However, I have realized I have the opportunity to see my brother and sister more than ever, and have met many wonderful people. I have great friends and educational opportunities; I am truly thankful now for everything.

Pete is a great dad. From day one he has watched out for me. He made sure I got into the right school and had all the materials I needed. Every school morning he gets up early to be with me so I won’t have to be by myself. He’s a super good cook and even though I’m quite capable of making my own breakfast, he still cooks for me! The meals that he makes are not just cereal, but pancakes, waffles and omelets with unimaginable amounts of cheese!

Since both Pete and Vicky work out of their home, they have the chance to go to all my games, and do. Recently my brother, Peter moved back to Merced from San Diego and opened his own store. My step dad will often take his place at the store and allow my brother to come watch me swim. This is a big sacrifice for my step dad, and I appreciate that he’s willing to make such sacrifices.

Another one of my step-dad’s great qualities is patience. While he doesn’t always have a lot, I can tell he tries with me. For example, my middle school used to have an annual ski day at Dodge Ridge. A couple of years ago was my first time really skiing without a lesson. My step-dad went with me because he knows all about skiing (Pete worked as a ski patrol for Dodge Ridge). It was snowing and I was having a hard time skiing. I could tell he was getting impatient with me, but he stayed calm, and encouraged me until we reached the bottom of the mountain together.

Pete is a positive in my life. Every time I accomplish something big or small, he always congratulates me. For example, my grades in school are average, but he still is proud of me. As mentioned, I play water polo and swim for my high school. Sometimes out of the blue Pete will tell me, “Man, I know swimming and water polo are hard, but I’m proud of you babe, I really am.” It makes me feel good to know that he can tell I am doing my best.

I pick my step-dad as Father of the Year because he is there for me when ever I need him. Pete saved me life and made it so much better, with twice the opportunities. He is a huge inspiration. Peter is an important portion of my life I’m important in his. With my step-father’s help, my life is and will be more accomplished and well lived. (Note: Pete and Vicky and Halley are all committed to attending their local church and committed to God’s word.)

Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative wrote the following: “I am president of a secular organization that works to increase the number of children who grow up with involved, responsible and committed fathers.”

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