Summary: When a married couple has this regular huddle time, they can handle the day’s pressures with calm and confidence. Why is this?

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Peacemakers of the Heart

Guarding our Huddle Time


1. We are commanded to pursue peace (Psalm 34:14; 1 Peter 3:10-11). God intended for His children to live a peaceful and sane lifestyle. 1 Timothy 2:2

• Read Psalm 23

2. But if this is to become a reality, we must put in place a solid root system that will sustain us when the storms of life blow. We have already examined two of these roots:

• Our quiet time with God

• Our quiet time of rest and relaxation

3. Let’s explore the third peacemaker – our quiet time with our spouse.

• Illustration of a football team that huddles: They do this so that everybody is on the same page, so they don’t end up in disarray with everybody blaming each other.

4. When we get married, the honeymoon is like a peaceful lake. But it isn’t long before the hurricane hits, and life gets crazy. This is why a husband and wife must protect their regular huddle time, no matter how busy they are playing the game.

• This uncompromised time with our spouse is a peacemaker that is too precious to neglect.

5. When a married couple has this regular huddle time, they can handle the day’s pressures with calm and confidence. Why is this?

First, because God created us with this built-in need

1. It began with Adam. You would think he had it made. He had the easy life.

• His address was paradise.

• He was in charge of the entire operation.

• He was friends with God.

• But, in spite of all this, Adam was “alone.” Genesis 2:18

2. He was missing the companionship and partnership of a peer.

3. That need was met by one of God’s most dramatic creative acts. Genesis 2:21-24

4. What does this tell us? We are designed to live in active partnership with someone we love. Life lived alone is sometimes too big to handle. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

5. Because of this, a husband and wife are designed to experience the deepest form of friendship. For many couples, their friendship has turned to frustration.

6. The promise of intimacy and communication is buried under the pressures and demands that have smothered it.

Second, because without this quiet time our lives begin to unravel

1. The wife will feel unloved.

• Our quiet time with the Lord is the time to listen to the most important voice in heaven, but our quiet time with our spouse is a time to listen to the most important voice on earth.

• Men are commanded to love their wives (Ephesians 5:25). But if a wife consistently feels unheard, she will eventually feel unloved – guaranteed. She craves that oneness that can only be built through daily debriefings.

Ephesians 5:29 teaches that a man should cherish his wife. This carries the idea of delighting in each other’s company and holding each other dear.

• When a man wonders how he ended up married to a nag, the mirror might be the first place to look for an answer. A woman who feels unheard will talk louder, longer, and more often. She is beating on the door to his heart. He didn’t answer when she knocked gently.

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