Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How is one to know God’s will in making a choice?


Acts 16:10

A decision must be made within a very short time. How is one to know

God’s will? We will therefore, lake the principles already given and apply them to a particular problem.

1) Begin with prayer.

Tell God all about your difficulty in detail, and ask for His guidance. Remain in the spirit of prayer.

2) Think out (he whole matter as far as you are able- this means that you should use all the

information available, as well as employ all your faculties to the utmost. God gave us our minds and he expects us to use them.

2) Ask the advice of a wise and trusted Christian friend.

This friend will not know the details of the case as well as you do, but he may well be acquainted with the workings of God’s spirit in similar matters. But remember none of this advice is to be regarded as final.

4) While you are waiting, and deciding, do your immediate tasks faithfully and well. (Luke 16:10). A young man who is puzzled as to whether God is calling him to the mission field is not to spend all his time puzzling, but rather working hard for the kingdom of God in his own church and neighbourhood. It is a principle of scripture, that God gives further guidance only as we act in obedience upon, that that has already been received.

5) It may eventually be found that the spirit gives a gentle urge in a certain direction.

Perhaps a door clearly opens (or equally clearly closes), or there is a deepening inner conviction of a line of action to be taken. This may prove sufficient to indicate the next step. As that step is taken, the way will gradually,’ step by step open out. There will be an increasing sense of confidence and fulfillment.

6) At some point in this sequence a definite action must be taken. Acts16: 10 - When you have made your decision, act upon it, and do not reconsider it. Trust in God and His grace to see you right through.

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