Summary: Every Soul is and Eternal Soul, death does not end ones existence, but only takes us into eternity, where either Heaven or H-E-L-L becomes ones place of Eternal Abode. The Bible makes it clear that there is a H-E-L-L, and for those who die without ever co

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TEXT: LUKE 16:19-31



The most solemn subject that a writer could set his pen to write on is the subject of @#!*% . The most solemn message that could come from the lips of a preacher is the subject of @#!*% . The most solemn subject that one could expose his ears to hearing is the subject of @#!*% . That makes it all the more reason that @#!*% be a subject that is not ignored nor taken lightly. It is a matter that deals with Eternity, with Real Souls, Suffering in a Real Place. It is a Great truth that must be preached and never allowed to be ignored or seldom heard from our pulpits. Before I begin the message I want to emphasize four great truths for us to think about as we look at the verses of Scripture before us, and turn our thoughts to the subject of H-E-L-L , THE ETERNAL ABODE OF THE LOST!!

1. It Is Jesus Who Is Telling This Story! ["...and He (Jesus) said unto them..." Luke 16:15]

Many people show their ignorance of Jesus and the Bible when they say; “If Jesus were here today He would never preach on @#!*% .” The fact is that while on earth Jesus had more to say about @#!*% and Judgment than almost any other subject that He spoke about. If a Preacher would pattern his pulpit ministry after Jesus, he would have 4 or 5 different sermons on @#!*% that he would preach to his same crowd every year. If nothing else, it would be like an occasional thunder storm, that after it has passed, the air has been cleared. Once in a while the preacher needs to thunder just to clear the air of all the frivolous and foolishness that we are so prone to let clutter our lives and our churches. All of that needs to be cleaned out once in a while, so we can again begin to focus our thoughts and energies on the Great Commission and our Relationship with Jesus. Nothing will do that like an old fashion, hot, thundering message on @#!*% !!

The Jesus who is: “…the same yesterday, and today, and tomorrow.”[Hebrews 13:8], would preach the Same Today as He preached yesterday and if He tarries His coming a thousand years, He would preach the same message Tomorrow, if tomorrow be a thousand years from Today!!

2. It Is the Religious to Whom Jesus Is Preaching To the Reality and Warning of @#!*% ! [Luke 16:14, 15a]

It is sobering to discover that whenever Jesus preached on @#!*% and Eternal Damnation, it was always unto the Religious Crowd and not to the Sinners, Tax Collectors or Harlots. No one is in more danger of @#!*% Fire than the Self-Righteous Religious Crowd. No one needs a clear and convicting message of @#!*% as does the Laodicean Church of this Apostate Generation!!

3. Jesus Is Preaching About A Real Place And A Real Person Suffering Real Torment!

This is not a parable, but literal in all aspects. This not only is not a parable, it also is not in the past tense, this same man that Jesus spoke of is still in the same place suffering the same torment today as he was the very day that Jesus lifted the cover off of @#!*% and let us have a glimpse of the eternal abode of the damned!!

4. The Doctrine Of @#!*% Is A Fundamental Of The Christian Faith!

To take away the doctrine of @#!*% , then you must do away with the Infallibility of the Bible, The Deity of Christ, The Blood Atonement of Christ, the Eternal Hope of Heaven. Those who would do away with the Horrors of a Literal @#!*% also must do away with the Hope of a Literal Heaven. If there is no @#!*% , then there is no reason for any other message and the Hope we preach.




This man in our story, like many today, was raised in a religious home and in a Bible teaching Church, who had taught him as a child about the Fact of @#!*% . But over the years it became a forgotten truth to him, a fact that he never gave much, if any thought to as he grew older. How did he forget such a fundamental to his childhood Faith? How could he of become so oblivious to the Fact of @#!*% . This is a great problem in our land today. So many who were once raised in a Christian home and Church as a child, are now living their adult lives as if they have never heard of a @#!*% , where the lost and wicked unbelievers in Jesus will spend an eternity. They are living the life of an unbeliever, though they once were raised in the Faith. How can that be? This is one of those things that are so discouraging to many parents and so disheartening to many good pastors.

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