Summary: Part 2

You know one of the things I love about being a Christian? I know that God has a plan for me. I know that God will use me for his will, and that is a great feeling.

last week we went over the 1st chapter of Habakkuk. We saw that Habakkuk, a Godly man saw that his people and God Chosen people turning on God by sinning against God.

Now Habakkuk had being praying to God to come down and save His people once again, but God had other things on His mind.

God had raised up the Babylonians to over take the Israelite and to put them into captivity. This was not what Habakkuk had wanted but this was to be God’s will.

Today we are going to take look at God’s will. His will for us, His planet, His beginning and His end. The good the bad and how we should act.

I believe that Habakkuk’s response to in the 3rd chapter of the book named after him is the best way we can see how to respond to God in any scenario.

Now the 3rd chapter of Habakkuk is a song to God. Habakkuk knew what God’s plan was and he knew that it was going to be rough for him and his people but he rejoiced, knowing that God had a plan and that it was a good plan. So let’s look at a little of the song of Habakkuk.

16 I heard, and I trembled within; (I)

my lips quivered at the sound.

Rottenness entered my bones;

I trembled where I stood.

Now I must quietly wait for the day of distress

to come against the people invading us.

17 Though the fig tree does not bud

and there is no fruit on the vines,

though the olive crop fails

and the fields produce no food,

though there are no sheep in the pen

and no cattle in the stalls,

18 yet I will triumph in the LORD;

I will rejoice in the God of my salvation! (J)

19 Yahweh my Lord is my strength;

He makes my feet like those of a deer (K)

and enables me to walk on mountain heights!

we have here, Habakkuk looking at a future that does not look very good and he rejoices in the Lord.

Now people have asked, “Why would Habakkuk rejoice in a God that was going to hand him over to the bad guys?” The answer is simple, he trusted the Lord. Habakkuk knew that God would be with him no matter the good or bad. Habakkuk stopped being afraid and started to have faith in God.

So today I want us to look at God’s plan overall and then I want us all to rejoice in the Lord no matter what happens.

I. The Plan

at first Habakkuk was appalled at God’s plan. The thought that God would use a wicked nation like the Babylonians to come in and take over the people of Judah, that was just something that Habakkuk could not see as good.

But God was just using the Babylonians to do His will to bring the Israelite back to God.

God has a plan for all. Like last week we talked about how this is God’s Box, His creation, His people, His everything and He has a plan.

When God Created the earth, He had a plan. When He created us, He had a plan. God is always in the drivers seat and His will, will be done.

from the beginning, middle, and end, God has a plan. It has already been written. And God’s plan will come out on top, no matter what we have to say.

Now we don’t always understand His plan. Just like Habakkuk, he did not understand God’s plan but Habakkuk knew that if it was God’s plan then it was the right plan.

Even when God says things like, “I’m going to hand you over” then we need to remember that this is God’s plan and we need to go along with it.

we not only need to go along with it but we need to rejoice in God’s plan.

Illus: I was reading this book for school. The book dealt with a company that had brought in a new CEO to run things. Now when the CEO started to change things up the people got mad. They would say things like; “Look at the new girl, what does she know?” and they were really hard on her, but the thing was is that the new CEO had the stills to take this company to the top and she had a plan to make things run better. After the company went from 3rd place too 1st, the workers started to see that this new CEO was the real deal.

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