3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: As part of our 10 commandment series, Pastor John teaches on how to live your life to honor God's name.

Hallow the Name

CCCAG June 11th, 2017

Scripture- Exodus 20:7

As most of you know, when I was a child, I spent most of my summer vacations in Hayward with my grandparents. My grandfather was well known in the community-

He was a Deputy Sheriff for many years

He was a conservation warden

He was a forestry technician for the US Forest Service

He was one of the most decorated WWII veterans in Sawyer County

He was president of the VFW, the Moose Lodge, as well as the Disabled Veterans of America post.

Everyone knew who Arnold Anderson was, and because of that, everyone knew who I was when I came to stay with them.

One of the things that my grandfather would always tell me when he would let me go off on my own, whether it was walking to town, or just out into the woods is this-

“Remember, you are my grandson- that means you better act right because you represent me and our family name”

How many people had similar instruction from your parents or grandparents about guarding the family reputation or name?

We all live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else either by name, reputation, or through someone else. I’ve only been here for coming up on 3 years, and people I don’t even know wave at me when they drive by, or honk their horn if I’m out for a walk.

That’s a switch from a city. If someone honked their horn at you it was followed by cursing or a one fingered salute. Here people are actually neighborly.

Because of that, even more so then I was in Kenosha, I try to be sensitive to the fact that many people know who I am, and who or what I represent.

I do this because I want to protect the name of Jesus, and the church, and that I reflect on all of you.

The 3rd commandment is largely about our Father God telling us the same thing that my grandpa told me- protect the family name.

The 1st commandment tells you the focus of our worship is to be on Yahweh God alone

The 2nd Commandment tells us to not put anything before our worship of God.

The 3rd Commandment now tells us that HIS very name is sacred, hallowed or held as holy, of infinite worth and value. And that name is to be honored.

Let’s read the text of the commandment

Exodus 2:7 “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.


I’ve heard a story from about 20 years ago, when new athletes come into the National Football League, they are given a speech by the NFL commissioner about how their personal conduct affects their jobs. They are told that you are about to have more money then you have ever had. You are going from being relatively unknown to being famous all over the world. Women will throw themselves at you. People will want to get close to you and ride your gravy train and take advantage of you.

All of this will hit you very quickly, and the temptation to believe you are “all that”- the big star player who gets to do whatever he wants is very very tempting.

The NFL Commissioner then pauses, turns around and points to the shield that represents professional football in our country and says, “Guys, you need to protect that shield and what it represents. You are PROFESSIONAL football players.

You need to act like professionals because that shield represents the organization that enables you to live out your dreams, and bringing shame to that shield by you being stupid will not be tolerated in this league.

Protect the shield”

This is the NFL’s version of the 3rd commandment.

That is why the 3rd commandment exists- God is telling us -protect my name. Honor my name. Remember it’s my name that gives you life. It’s my name that enables you to live that life filled with blessing and freedom. Remember it’s my name that protects you and ensures you of your position in heaven.

Protect the name.

That illustration gives us a strong hint of God’s intention and meaning behind the 3rd commandment, but before we get any further, lets look at what the strict interpretation is here in Exodus 20.

We’ll look first at the theology, and then it’s application in our lives

What is the strict interpretation of this commandment

I. Strict Definition- the theology (spiritual attorney)

IF you are to read the scripture that we are studying today in it’s original Hebrew, the best paraphrase for us in 2017 would be- “Do not treat as common, or do not disrespect the name of Yahweh your Elohim”

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