Summary: Anti-Abortion sermon from the book of Esther... very thought provoking

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Haman Is Alive And Well


After Solomon, The nation of Israel split into Israel and Judea

existed side by side for l30 years.

733 B.C. Israel falls to Assyria

633 Assyria falls to Babylonia

587 Judea falls to Babylonia -- EXILE

Babylonia falls to Mead-Persians

exiles allowed to return and

rebuild Jerusalem


Xerxes about to attack Greece-—party 180 days

then one week of showing off wealth and power

King gets drunk--wants to show off wife’s beauty

Vashti refuses

Vashti has to be punished--an example

so men don't lose control of women

Search for new Queen---young, virgin, beautiful

qualified girls prepared for l2 months

One was Esther--raised by cousin, Mordecai

she hid her nationality--Jew

Mordecai informs her of plot to kill king


Haman rises to #2--proud

Mordecai not bow (Shadrach, Meshack, Abednigo)

PLAN--exterminate all Jews

Lied to King- people are a threat

Promised large sum of money

Given signet ring

execution date set--edict

Jews cried out to God

Mordecai told Esther--this is your call

Could not approach King—

Pray and fast 3 day

She went--he received

promised to grant wish

Come to dinner with Haman

Came--come again

Haman pumped with pride

Mordecai did not bow

Decided to kill Haman first--then Jews

King sleepless-

read record—

decides to reward Mordecai


"parade him with honor"

Haman escorted Mordecai on day planned to kill

Went to dinner

Esther reveal plot to kill her and her people

King is irate--WHO?


King so angry he left room

Haman springs to seek Esther's help

stumbles ---- falls on Esther

King returns--"molest my wife""

Servant points out gallows

Haman hanged on own gallows

This is a story of the sanctity of life.

Haman is best biblical example of one with no concept of S.O.L.

Life had no value to him---except his own

He is all important--others only to serve him or

extinguished like match.

Could take human life as easily as we do a fly

no regrets---feeling of triumph

Set up gallows in front yard so he could watch in comfort and sip


There are multitudes of Hamans today

1 Million members of N.O.W.

Planned Parenthood

Haman built his gallows

They have built gallows--abortion clinics

Bible says Haman approached Xerxes and deceived him

by saying "a People" are a threat to us

we need to get rid of it

for good of all

King fell for the lie.

Abortion advocates have done the same to Uncle Sam

Convinced legislators abortion is good

pregnancy is threat to freedom/rights

in best interest of people to rid it

Haman also promised MONEY-—bribe

Abortion lobbyists promise money, votes

threaten defeat

Uncle Sam has fallen for the lie/bribe

Xerxes gave Haman his ring——authority to do his deed

Authority to crush opponents

Supreme Court gave Roe vs. Wade '73

authority to kill babies

authority to oppose the will of God

Authority to disobey the Word of God

Authority to hurt our nation

Jews were seen as slaves--not real persons

just Persian property

not persons--no rights

Roe vs. Wade ruled that

Thus, the Supreme Court, the highest deliberative body in the ]and,

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