Summary: In this story Jesus gives 3 men some money and tells them to use it wisely. So I want to tell the story in way that I think you can understand it.

Good morning. How is everyone? Who knows what this is? This is a shoebox. Go through gifts.

Listen to this Scripture: “For the man who uses what he is given will be given more. But the man who is unfaithful God will take those things away from him “ Matthew 25:29 There are different kinds of gifts that we give.

In this story Jesus gives 3 men some money and tells them to use it wisely. So I want to tell the story in way that I think you can understand it.

Once upon a time there was a man who had a construction business. He built things. The man had to go away on a long trip and so he called his three employees together and said, "I have to go on a long trip and so I am leaving you three in charge. I have a gift I want to give to all of you. The man then gave each of his employees some money. But each amount was different. To the first man, he gave 100 dollars.. To the second employee, he gave 50.00. And to the third man, he gave 10.00. And he said I want you to use it for something good. He then left to go on his trip. When he returned, he called the 3 men together to see what they had done while he was gone.

The first one said to his boss, I know you have a great love for the homeless people of the world, so I used my money to feed for the homeless. "That is great!" said the boss. "You have done so well that I am going to put you in charge of the whole company. The second man said to his boss, "I knew that you had a great love for older people, so I used my money gave me to fix up a senior adult’s home. The boss said, that’s wonderful!" “You have done such a good job, that I am putting you in charge of all the repair work for the company. Then he turned to the third man and said, "What did you do with the money that I left for you?" The man said I know you are a very hard person to work for. You are very hard to please. I was afraid that if I used the money you might get mad so I saved it all. I put it in a safe place. Never used. The boss said I didn't give you the money for you to put away or to keep safe. I gave them to you to use. You are fired. Then he took his money and divided them among the other two men.

I think this story is a good picture of what God has done in us. He has given each of us something to use. We sometimes call them talents. They are gifts. We don't all get the same one or the same amount but he asks us to be faithful with what He does give us. If we are, He will give us even more, but if we don't, He may take them away and give them to someone who will use them. So let’s be sure that when God gives us something that we use it wisely. Prayer. Dear Lord, help us to be faithful in using the gifts that you have given to us to help others and to build up the kingdom. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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