Summary: Unless we over God thanks we will become complainers.

“Hannah’s Prayer - The Sequel”

I Samuel 1:8-10

In its first day of release, the new Star Wars grossed over 28 million dollars. We have become enamored with sequels; we want to believe there is another story.

These sequels or as in the case of Star Wars, prequels seem to speak to a desire in our hearts to do it better the second time around. Hannah once felt incomplete, unfulfilled; 1:10 “deeply distressed and wept bitterly before the Lord” -- but in the text today we see a proud and joyous woman. Feeling incomplete or unfulfilled may be your story today -- but take heart tomorrow is coming. There is a sequel; With Christ as the author...

Emily Dickinson wrote “The world is not a conclusion; a sequel stands beyond, invisible as music, but positive as sound.” Hannah’s prayer is an excellent example of the Old Testament Jewish prayers. It is a testimony; a song of thanksgiving. It shouts out to us “come here and see that the Lord has done.” This declaration of praise speaks in vivid terms to the glory, the greatness and the goodness of the Lord; who is righteous, just and holy.

And Hannah prayed.

God did not grant the answer to her prayer because she promised to give Samuel back to God. The creature is in no position.....

Her prayer was answered because of her trust. This daughter of Zion who made herself available to God, to carry out the divine purpose of bringing birth to a new nation. Make your self available

Through our prayers we can allow God to display His glory. That is the nature of Hannah’s prayer. She puts God on display. It is a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. How important is thanksgiving? The rabbis have summed it up this way -- all prayers will someday be discontinued -- except the prayers of thanksgiving. Healing of the ten lepers.

Philp. 4:6 “be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving

Psalms 100:4 “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving ...”

Thanksgiving says that I acknowledge the glory of God. V. 2 “ there is none holy like the Lord… T. is telling God good morning. I owe. “Jesus paid it all ...

with the song of thanksgiving worshippers would bring their gifts/offerings to the temple. “praise God from ...”

Old Testament songs of thanksgiving were often spontaneous. So excited You get a bad case of the can’t help its. “Brother John. “hold these mules .

Thanksgiving says I am dazzled by the greatness of God. v. 2 “there is no rock like our God. Listen to Hannah’s song ...” O what a great God we serve. Being dazzled by the greatness of God says my whole being is caught up in his love. Ill. Phone call w/ girlfriend

“He who has begun s good work in you ...

We can depend on God the rock of our salvation. There is never a moment when God is out of touch or not in control of his creation.

Psalms 46:1 “ a very present help in time of ...”

Had Joseph not believed this, he would have crumbled ...

David would have collapsed in fear ...

Esther would have retreated before Xerxes throne Trust him

Is there anyone can help us when ...

see His majestic glory, experience his eternal goodness and stand in awe of His marvelous greatness. The ultimate out come is praise unto his name. You rejoice!!

Thanksgiving says I recognize the goodness of God. v. 1 my horn/strength is lifted high. disgrace - honor. Goodness speaks to the just nature of God. He is fair to all. He is no respecter of person;

When I understand God’s economy, I need not seek goodness, but godliness. By seeking ... When I recognize the goodness of God I don’t need to manipulate, or maneuver my way for the good things in life. David declared “surely goodness… When we recognize that his goodness comes to all regardless of our station in life our prayers will move from I, me, and my to we, them and our. Thankfulness is the opposite of every negative attitude you can think of. *complaining and grumbling? – T. *discouragement and depression? – T. *anger and anxiety? – T.

Recognizing the goodness of God means having an attitude of gratitude -- simply saying yes to God!

Moses didn’t say, "I don’t do rivers."

-Noah didn’t say, "I don’t do arks."

-Jeremiah didn’t say, "I don’t do weeping."

-Amos didn’t say, "I don’t do speeches."

-Ruth didn’t say, "I don’t do mothers-in-law."

-David didn’t say, "I don’t do giants."

-Peter didn’t say, "I don’t do Gentiles."

-Mary didn’t say, "I don’t do virgin births."

-Mary Magdalene didn’t say, "I don’t do feet."

-John didn’t say, "I don’t do deserts."

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