Summary: The time is always right for the harvest. We have a responsibility now to reach people for Jesus.

 Sometimes we are guilty of getting caught up in a futuristic harvest or Kingdom thinking.

 We can talk so much about what is going to happen that we don’t do anything now.

 We sometimes get focused on taking care of our needs and things that we think we can get out of the way so that later when the things of God do begin to happen we will be more freely available.

1. The disciples were out to get food and take care of the temporal things.

a. While this DEFINITELY has its place, we must caution ourselves that it doesn’t hold the highest or only place.

b. The disciples were eager for their meal, but they were oblivious to what was going on.

c. Jesus teaches that true nourishment or sustenance comes from doing the will of God.

d. The food the disciples brought to him would only satisfy the physical man, which in itself is temporary.

e. Doing the will of the Father is eternally satisfying.

f. Jesus was consumed by a passion that was not only misunderstood by His disciples but at times it even frightened them.

2. Jesus teaches that the harvest is NOW.

a. Quit saying, “in four months . . .” Instead look at the harvest now.

b. Consider what is happening as Jesus is saying this to the disciples. The Samaritan people were coming to see Jesus after the women at the well had told them about Him. Jesus is pointing out that these souls are the harvest.

c. The picture that we have is of a long procession of people leaving the town and what they were doing and making their way out to Jesus.

d. Picture the fields. The grain, the corn, the things we are used to looking for in those fields may not be ready. BUT, take a look at the harvest!!!

3. The role you have to fulfill is critical.

a. If you are a sower then sow.

b. If you are a waterer then water.

c. If you are a reaper then reap.

d. God will be the one to bring the increase.

e. Sometimes God will use you to reap where you have not sown. Don’t question, just do your job!

f. As Pentecostals, we have a golden opportunity for effectiveness in today’s society. People are interested in seeing something real in terms of God. We must not be afraid to show them the reality of the power of God!

*Instead of looking for the right moment, learn to make the moment right now.

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