Summary: Print and give this to your Jewish friends, only after much prayer and building a relationship of trust.

Also Isaiah 53

Hypothetical situation. You have been in possession of a ring that is very expensive. More than its monetary value though, is its sentimental value. It has been in your family for generations. You wore it on a special occasion, and somehow it slipped from your finger.

For weeks you have searched for that precious ring with stomach-churning anxiety, your mind constantly distracted by the thought that you may never find it.

One day a family member says to you, "In all of your searching for the ring I have observed that the one place you have not looked is under the sofa".

Would you look under the sofa?

Abram was called out of Ur and led to a place he did not know. Once there G-D made him a promise while on the mountain top that all his eyes could see would be his and his descendants’. He told Abraham later that his descendants would be innumerable, and that in his seed all the nations would be blessed (Genesis 22:17-18)

Since that day, even before Israel was a nation, the great hope of G-D’s chosen people has been the coming of HaShem. The Promised One. The Anointed One. Messiah.

Would you be afraid to look in the one place you have not looked?

Only two possibilities exist.

1. You will find nothing. That is neutral.

2. You will find what you seek. That is everything.

G-D bless you in your sincere search for HaShem.

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