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Summary: Many are haunted by doubts. Those doubts have shipwrecked the faith of many. Let's examine what it really means to doubt.

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• This week concludes our Haunted Series. If you missed one of the messages and would like to hear what you missed, go to the FCC web site and click on the audio sermons link.

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• Today we will examine a subject that we all struggle with on various levels; however, it is a misunderstood subject.

• Haunted by doubt.

• Doubt Is defined by the Bing Dictionary as follows: to feel unconvinced or uncertain about something, or think that something is unlikely

• - to suspect that somebody is not sincere or trustworthy, or that something is not true, likely, or genuine

• - a feeling or state of uncertainty, especially as to whether somebody is sincere or trustworthy, or as to whether something is true, likely, or genuine

• No one can go through life without facing doubts; however, we do not need to be haunted by doubt.

• Doubt is a tricky subject for the Christian because we are told by well-meaning people that doubt is of the devil or that if you have faith you should not doubt.

• For the person who has doubts these well-meaning statements can drive a deeper wedge between their faith and their doubt because now they are led to believe that REAL Christians have no doubts.

• Through the course of this message we will get a picture of what doubt is and what it is not.

• Understanding the issue of doubt can help us not to give up on our faith when we start to doubt something concerning God.

• Let’s look at the passage we will examine together this morning as we wad through the paradox of doubt.

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James 1:6 (HCSB) But let him ask in faith without doubting. For the doubter is like the surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind.

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I. Faith is the key to receiving blessings.

• Before we dig into the issue of doubt we need to begin our examination by looking at the relationship between faith and blessings.

• You will need to follow me close on this one so that when we get to the issue of doubt we will understand what James is and is not saying.

• In the context of the passage, James is talking about wisdom and how if one lacks wisdom, one can ask of God and He will be more than happy to help bestow wisdom to the one who asks.

• James shares a caveat as far as receiving the blessing one is asking for, they must ask in FAITH.

• In order to comprehend doubt, we need to understand what faith entails.

• There are a few ways in which one can define “FAITH”; however, for our purposes let us define faith as WHOLE-SOULED TRUST IN GOD’S WORD AS TRUE BECAUSE OF THE SUFFICIENCY OF THE EVIDENCE. (Gareth Reese Commentary on Acts p. XXXVIII)

• Faith in direct connection with God would be Faith is a complete commitment to God in trusting obedience. Holman New Testament Commentary - Holman New Testament Commentary – Hebrews & James.

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