Summary: In America we are blessed in ways that the world at large can only dream about and hope for. Christian reliance upon the truth of God's Holy Word is the bedrock of a nation whose God is the Lord in whom the people trust.


Everybody needs someone or something they can “rely on” in times of stress or distress. Bill Withers expressed it in the popular song, “Lean on Me”:

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong, I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on; for it won’t be long ‘til I myself am going to need somebody to lean on.”

“Religion”, it has been said, “is reliance” which is to say: Whoever or whatever a person, or a group of persons, “rely on” for meeting their deepest needs becomes their religion. Problem is: Too many folks choose to rely on that which is temporal and material rather than that which is permanent and spiritual.

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I’d live to see the day when self-worship self-absorption would become such that younger folks would talk about marrying themselves.

Think I’m kidding? At first I thought it was a joke - “fake news” - but soon I learned that the not so bright idea of “marrying oneself” has taken at least one college campus by storm.

Neither did I ever think I’d live to see the day when same-sex marriage would become the law of the land. In both instances, some folks decided to rely on themselves for a definition of marriage that suited their own selfish desire for identification and actualization.

As children of God, we have been given His Word to rely on for guiding us along the paths of life; and our goal in life must be to please Him in all that we do. Our Lord has set the standards by which we are to live in His Word.

Living in a world in which ethics and morality are left up to the personal preferences of the individual, such as the “marry myself” syndrome or the same-sex marriage sin, there is that temptation to fall for such haphazard ways of doing things which throws our society into chaos and puts us at odds with each other.

Getting it right in God’s sight has got to be the godly person’s aim - IF we are to please God in all that we do. That which is right in God’s sight is what we must think of as “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Infallible Truth, revealed by the Lord God . . . personified in the person of God’s Son Jesus Christ . . . passed on to us by divinely inspired spokespersons for God, is consistent across all times, cultures and peoples of all nations.

“Alternate truth”, presented from time to time by self-appointed prophets who claim to have received a “new revelation” but is inconsistent with that which we have had from the beginning, should in no way be considered Infallible Truth.

The Word of God, revealed to God’s servants and recorded in the original Bible, is divine truth. As we conclude our study of this 119th psalm, we claim and proclaim our reliance on the truth of God’s Holy Word – Psalm 119:153-160 . . .

We rely on the truth of God’s Word for salvation. Three aspects of salvation concerned the psalmist. Regarding each aspect, he pled with God to intervene in his situation. Have you ever felt the need for divine intervention in your situation?

As we begin another year, perhaps you feel the need to be reassured that everything is going to be alright. You want to be certain that if push comes to shove God will indeed rescue you . . . redeem you . . . revive you. A model you can follow:

David appealed to the Lord’s compassion, asking God to consider his need and to do something about it. Rescue me!

He argues his case based on his devotion to, and his determination never to forget, God’s Word. “After all,” he reasoned, “it’s not me but the wicked that reject your commandments and make up their own rules as they go”.

David appealed to the Lord’s advocacy. “Plead my cause. Redeem me!” We all need an advocate from time to time. Who better to stand by our side than the Lord? How better to keep the Lord close to you than meditating on His Word? Get into the Word, stay in the Word, abide in the Word, let His Word abide in you.

David appealed to the Lord’s mercy. “Great are Thy mercies, O Lord.”

How grateful we are that God in His mercy loved us and sent His Son to die for our sins - to rescue and redeem us.

Yet, at one time or another, we may have gotten a little too far away from God, and we cried out to the Lord, as did David, “Revive me!”

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