Summary: God equips us for service in the storms of life. We are guided through the storms by the Bible. It is our compass. If we spend time studying God’s Word, we will find the hope, encouragement and strength we need to face the storms of life.

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Have you ever tried to get away from the storms of life, only to find that they have followed you? If so, you can understand what happened in Mark 4:35-41. Jesus needed to get away from the crowds. We are tempted to follow the crowd, but we need to carefully consider public opinion and walk away when popular opinion isn’t faithful to God’s word. We need to walk away from the crowd so we can spend time alone with God.

Jesus’ idea to cross over to the other side marked the first time he went into Gentile territory. The disciples took Jesus abruptly and without notice. They might not have been pleased with his plan to include the Gentiles. If so, their attitude reflects that of the prophet Jonah. Christians must be willing to share the Gospel (and themselves) with people who are not like them.

The Sea of Galilee is in the deepest part of the Northern Jordan rift––700 feet below sea level––surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains except in its southern extremities. Hot air rises and cool air falls, so the cool air in the higher elevations is always wanting to swap places with the warmer air near the water. This often results in high winds––and waves that can top thirty feet.

On a map of Israel the sea looks like a large lake, but from a small fishing boat it would look enormous, especially in a storm. At least four of Jesus' disciples are fishermen, have surely survived storms on this sea, and have also surely known fishermen who were lost at sea. They are strong, self-reliant men who would handle moderate danger as a matter of course. The danger on this evening is not moderate, but deadly.

In Mark’s Gospel, the sea represents evil forces that oppose God. It’s also a boundary between the Jews and the Gentiles. Even though the sea threatens to undo them, Jesus wants to cross it because the Good News of the Gospel is never for those on just one side of the sea. The Gospel is for everyone.

The storm was upsetting, and so was the fact that Jesus was asleep during the storm. The disciples wanted Jesus awake and alert. They wanted him to take command of the situation-to get them organized. They were scared that Jesus would abandon them in a crisis. The heart of their fear was the lack of faith. They abandoned God and Jesus-two beings who could control nature.

The real heart of the disciples’ fear was their failure to recognize the true challenges of faith. Faith is not simple. It must involve doubt. It need strength and courage. It places a sword in our hands.

Storms often bring out our true spiritual condition. Too many of us want faith to be nice and simple and easy. Faith requires hard work. It involves coming out of ourselves to trust and care. If we lose faith, we lose hope and our ability to care. Fear wipes out faith. Discipleship is a life of faith. Faith is a deep, bedrock trust in God’s presence in the world, the church and our lives. When the storms of life occur we come to the truth of just how deep our faith is.

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