Summary: Jesus instructs us that we need not have fear of anything and anyone, including us.


Matthew 10:26-33

Have No Fear

Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 10 verses from 26-33, says to the disciples that have no fear on this earth.

Who are these disciples?

The disciples, who follow Jesus and who are sent out for their missionary journey.

At this juncture, Jesus says to them that have no fear.

In the other words, we can say ‘Fear No One.’

We live in a constant fear.

We have names for those fears.

What are the names of fear that we have in our missionary life?

Generally, we give three names of fear for our reflection.

Three names for fear are:

Personal fear,

Social or cultural fear, &

Moral fear.

We will reflect on each one.

Firstly, we have personal fear.

Personal fear is that which I have within myself.

For example, we can personally ask: can I do well as a missionary? Am I qualified? Do I have God experience? Am I called really? Do I have enough knowledge to do the mission work? Am I prayerful?

Moses said that I cannot speak.

Jeremiah said that I am young.

Mary said that I am a virgin.

We have self doubt.

We have inferiority complex.

We compare.

We have self pity.

Secondly, we have social fear.

Social fear is founded on social and cultural norms.

For example, tax collectors.

They were not accepted by people of the town.

Missionary may be not accepted in certain society or certain culture even in their own society.

Jesus was not accepted in His own town.

We ask questions.

Do people accept me?

Do people accept my missionary work?

Thirdly, we have moral fear.

Moral fear is based on moral values.

For example, woman washing Jesus’ feet.

Pharisees asked, “Does Jesus know about this woman who she is?”

We have moral dilemmas.

Likewise, we have many fears in our lives and in our missionary life.

Jesus says that have no fear.

Fears that we have covered up.

Fears that we have hidden and kept.

Fears that we have in the dark.

Fears that we hear whispered.

Fears that kill our body.

Jesus instructs us that we need not have fear of anything and anyone, including us.

Because we are of more value than many sparrows for Him.

He loves us.

He cares for us.

He supports us.

He accompanies us.

He journeys with us.

He encourages us.

He appreciates us.

He is with us in our life.

He is with us in our missionary work.

We do not have fear when Jesus is with us.


We must acknowledge His love in our love to others in our missionary work.

We must acknowledge everything that Jesus for us in our life journey and in our missionary work.

Have no fear, Jesus is with us.

We are precious to Him.

We are favourable to Him.

He values us more than anything and anyone when we acknowledge saying all glory to our gracious Lord Jesus Christ.

May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all. Amen...

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