Summary: Getting a Vision of the Holy and Exalted God changes people. The Glory of God should kill us but instead reveals our need for Him.

Have you seen God?

I. I Saw

a. Get a vision of who God is!

i. Holy

ii. Righteous

iii. Merciful

iv. Mighty

v. Judge – Just—

b. A Vision of God’s Glory

II. A Vision of God Reveals our Sin

a. 6.5 Woe is me

i. unclean

1. He realized that He was a dirty shirt in the presence of God.

ii. I have seen the King

b. Repentance Comes from Revelation

III. God’s compassion gives you a commision

a. Calling

6.9 “Go and tell this people”

b. internal

c. external

What Vision have you had to day.

Has it revealed sin in your life?

Has it caused you to finally repent of your sin.

Have you accepted God’s Call

Away from sin

To invite others in

Toward Him

This morning we talked about Hearing God’s voice have you heard, will you now respond.

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