Summary: Though we all go through tough times, we can always trust Jesus.

I. The Retreat - vs. 13-14

A. Their Travel - vs. 13

The Place - Let’s go to Emmaus - The name of the city means “warm baths”, about 7 miles from Jerusalem They probably just wanted to get away!

B. Turmoil - vs. 14

- Jesus had been praised as He entered Jerusalem

- He had been betrayed by Judas

- Persecuted by the High Priest

- Condemned to die by Pilate

- Crucified by the Romans

- Buried by Joseph of Arimathea

- The Pain - Don’t you know that as they journeyed, with all they had been through, that their feet felt as if they were covered with lead.

C. The Talk - They were talking about all that had happened

II. The Reunion - vs. 15-24

A. They could not see Him - vs. 15-16

1. Jesus veiled himself for a time to help them! - Come a little closer. He was right there, but they did not know it (Mark 16:12).

2. They also were not expecting to see Him!

B. They were tested by Him - why do you sorrow? - vs. 17

C. They expressed Doubt! - vs. 18-24

III. The Rebuke - vs. 25-27

A. The Transgression - They did not believe God’s Word - vs. 25

B. The Truth - vs. 26

C. The Teaching - vs. 27 He Gave them the Word! He told them of the Fall of Man, the need of a Savior.

IV. The Revelation - vs. 28

A. The Desire for More (The result of being with Jesus) - vs. 28-29 Stay with us a while!

B. The Delight of Fellowship - vs. 30-31 They watched His Hands break the bread (seen it before!)

1. Seen it before

2. All of the Sudden the scars appeared

3. Their eyes were opened - We have been with Jesus!

C. The Display of Feeling - vs. 32

It was the Scriptures that caused their hearts to burn!

Everything we do is for a purpose, but the one thing that we must adhere to and keep before us is the truth of the Word of God! It will make our hearts burn! (Jeremiah 20:9)

D. The Declaration to the Others - He really is Alive!

1. They were refreshed - they ran back to Jerusalem

2. They were given a report - We know - He appeared to Simon Peter.

The disciples told them that He had appeared (1 Corinthians 15:5)


They told what things were done in the Way!

Jesus is still alive today, are we telling others of what has been done in the way.

He still opens the Scriptures for us

He still makes our hearts burn within us

He still gives us glimpses of Himself, making us hunger for more!

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