Summary: For you to get the best from God, you need to have that spirit that takes no for an answer. You need to move on in God without fear or trembling and God will show Himself strong.

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Ruth 1:8-19

The Bible says in the scriptures that when Naomi saw that Ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped speaking to her. Now the two of them went until they came to Bethlehem and stayed there.

A winning attitude is in a person who determines to take possession of whatever belongs to him. Such a person is optimistic in life. We all know the story of Ruth and Naomi but I want to give you some revelations.

The name Elimelechh means God is my protector. Naomi means what I am content with or my Beloved. They came from a city called Bethlehem which means House of Bread; a House of Abundance. This city was located in the Land of Euphrates, which was very fertile in the Land of Judah which also means Praise. So if you combine these five names, it means God loves somebody who is Naomi who had given birth to Elimelech, planted in the House of Bread all because He loved her. So we see that God gave her a place in a fertile land to praise Him.

The Bible tells us that a time a came that they had to leave this marvellous possession for Moab because of a famine. When they got to Moab, the two sons with Naomi and Elimelech married Orpah and Ruth. The Bible says that Elimelech died and after that, Naomi’s two sons died. This means all the men died leaving the women. The Bible says Gad went to Bethlehem again so Naomi joined in. When Naomi was going, her two daughter-in-laws went with her.

The Bible says Naomi stopped on the road and said to Orpah and Ruth “why are you following me? You know I am old; there is nothing good in me. If you don’t know, let me tell you that God has dealt with me bitterly so my name is no more Naomi my name is bitterness and there is nothing good in me so go back to your own country.” Here, Naomi gave some tangible reasons. Orpah said they were tangible enough so she turned back. As Orpah was leaving, Naomi asked Ruth; “Don’t you see your sister-in-law going?” Ruth replied “winners never quit and quitters never win. I know you are older but I am not ready to quit. I know what is ahead of me!”

People with the winning attitude see the times ahead of them! Ruth believed she had something ahead of her with Naomi. Ruth knew that though her life was bitter, she could see a better future ahead of her. Maybe your life is bitter. Maybe you have messed up in life, but look at what is ahead of you! Ruth said “your nation shall be my nation. Your people shall be my people!” she did not know what was called defeat. She always took it by force. Someone with the winning attitude will always take things by force. He does not fear anybody! You may not understand things now but a time will come, you will realise that the winning attitude is working.

In the spiritual realms, Ruth saw something the Israelites did not see. This Moabite woman, Ruth had a thing that Naomi did not know. Spiritually, she was carrying Jesus Christ. If you study the genealogy of Jesus Christ, you will see Ruth there! It was that winning attitude that gave him that opportunity. Anyone with that winning attitude will always get greater rewards at the end of the period. Naomi who did not know about this said go back, but Ruth knew why she was fighting, she wanted to win!

If you have this kind of spirit, count your self blessed. It is her faith and you back it with this winning attitude, you will definitely make it in life. If you can only confess, you will get what you want from God. So if you are not rich, based on that winning spirit, you can count yourself as rich.

In 1985, two schools gave me scholarships. I had the A levels and because of my status as a Commonwealth Citizen, I had a scholarship to these two British Universities. Within this period, I went to the British High Commission, but I was refused a visa. Around that time, I went to my country’s only international airport and decreed with the winning spirit that I will soon make it to Britain to further my education and verily I say unto you, I made it to Britain not long after!

The Bible says that on this earth, it is only the one with a winning heart will make it the most. The Bible says that Ruth planted in Naomi’s nation, Israel and she harvested in excess and even harvested the owner of the land, Boaz! So if you are having problems finding a divine partner, I tell you today that with the winning spirit, you harvest your divine partner, in the Name of Jesus. So if there is any good thing in the land, nobody will harvest it but you, all you need is the winning spirit to go with it.

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