Title: Having Another Spirit

Text: Numbers 13: 27-31/14:23&24

Intro: All of us have heard the story. But here we find 10 men with a bad report, saying that we have wasted our time. We could have stayed in Egypt, but now we can’t go back and the giants that await us is keeping us from going forward. They feel like that God has not given them a fare shake. That God should have told them that there were giants in the land that he had promised them. Many Christians are the same way today. We are going along fine trusting God but when we turn a corner and are standing face to face with a giant that seems unbeatable we give up and blame God. But Caleb had another spirit. He was not shaken by these giants but incensed by their audacity to be in the land that God had told him to possess.

I. Caleb Had Another Spirit

1. When all around him said that it was impossible Caleb had another Spirit.

2. It was impossible for them to take the land under their own power.

3. But God does not think like us. He shows us things that apart from Him are the impossible. But with Him:

Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

4. If you can accomplish your vision apart from God then it did not come from God.

5. It was impossible to them but God rejoices in doing the impossible.

- It is impossible to calm a troubled sea with just a spoken word

- It is impossible to tell a dead girl to get up

- It is impossible to spit on the ground and form new eyes

- It is impossible to feed 5000 with five loaves & two fish

- It is impossible to take up twelve baskets

- It is impossible to turn water into wine

It is impossible but my God is able to accomplish the impossible.

6. What is it that Satan is standing in your way of possessing:

- Your families salvation

- Your financial freedom

- Your ability to be used of God

· To Minister

· To Wittiness

· To go on Missions Trips

7. There is no mountain in your life to high; no valley to low that you cannot handle as long as you are holding on to the unchanging hand of God.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

II. Attributes of Another Spirit

1. You Will Follow The Lord Fully

A. The ten had no concept of faith.

- They were bankrupt in the faith department

- They only understood that they could not go into the land

- Even though God had promised it to them

- Even though God was going with them

- Even though He was going in front of them

- All they could see was failure/certain death

B. Caleb understood God’s promise

- Understood the difference in conquering and possessing

- Who was he to question God’s leading and authority

- Many reach the point of the promise and start to debate God

· Now God I want the promise but you need to move those giants

· I know that you are great so lets see some of that awesome power.

· God are you sure this is the right way, I think I must have missed something this cannot be what you want me to do.

- Unbelief overlooks the promises and power of God, and magnifies every danger and difficulty and fills the heart with doubt and discouragement.

ILL. There goes a flying dead duck

2. You Will Be Ready

A. Then ten were not ready for what they were facing and it demoralized them.

B. But Caleb was READY. “Let us go up and possess the land at once”

C. God Knew before Israel left Egypt that when they would have giants to face.

D. Once you have faced down a giant or two your life will never be the same. (David)

E. Faith is not passive it is active. When God say’s move you had better move.

F. Let us Go at once:

· We don’t need a committee to look into it how big the problem is– Let’s go

· We don’t need to run it by the finance committee to see how much it will cost to fight this fight– Let’s go

· We don’t need to call Sis. Beula to see if she has a word – Let’s go

· We don’t need to chase down the evangelist to see if he has direction for us – Let’s go

· All we need to know is that God said It was ours

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