Summary: How do we know we have fellowship?

How do we have fellowship with God and where does it come from?

• Christ is our link to God. In the beginning, man had fellowship with God. They walked together and they talked together. Put it in today’s perspective, you and your earthly best friend. You can go to that person and share your thoughts; you talk about everything. You have a sense of peace, safety, and companionship. This is how it was with Adam. However, he allowed something to happen. He let sin slip in. this put a door between him and God. The joy and peace he once had was now gone.

How do we get that fellowship back?

• Jesus opened the door that had blocked fellowship with God. In the Old Testament, obedience to God by sacrificing an animal restored that fellowship. Jesus became that fellowship. Why? God wanted to restore the fellowship but knew nothing man could do would help. The animal sacrifices only lasted for a while. Something need to be done that would last for all eternity. Jesus, God the Son, came down and took human form. He went through our trials and tribulations yet sinned not. He took upon Himself our sin. He laid down His life for us. It was not taken. He freely gave Himself to bridge that gap to restore our fellowship with God.

How do we believe or how can we believe this?

• We have God’s Word; we believe by faith. John saw, heard, and touched Him. We hear Him in our hearts. We feel His Holy presence. Jesus was with John in the flesh. Just think about being able to sit and audibly listen to Him preach and teach; to feel Him put His hand on your shoulder as we pray. We hug each other here in sorrow or joy. We haven’t physically seen Jesus but by faith we see Him until the day He returns.

John 20:29 – blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed

How do we have fellowship with one another?

• We cannot have fellowship with each other unless we agree together. We must be in one mind and one accord. First of Jesus, second of His Word. If we do not believe the same, there is no fellowship. When the spirit moves within a service, everyone praises God, tears flow, hands are raised as one. Not in a ritualistic sense but spiritual. True fellowship comes from within first, our personal fellowship with God. Then we can fellowship with each other. If we don’t have fellowship with God, then we cannot have fellowship with each other. Our personal fellowship with God comes first.

True Fellowship:

• Grounded in the Word

• Mutual in the Unity of Believers

• Daily Renewing of the Holy Spirit

How can a non-believer have fellowship?

• We must spread the Good News by telling others of Jesus and what He has done for us. How can a sinner be saved unless they hear the Word? When they hear the Word, the Holy Spirit can touch their hearts. The world must see us sharing true fellowship with God and each other. They must see the joy we have from what God has given us. The more we dig into the Word, the more we can live the Word, then we show the Word. The world we begin to see the joy of fellowship, true Christian fellowship. How can we share the joy of Holy fellowship unless we know the joy firsthand?

• We have fellowship with God by trusting in Jesus. We have fellowship with other believers by our constant fellowship with the Lord. How do we have fellowship without salvation? We can’t. we cannot have fellowship without first knowing Christ as our personal Savior.

• Man is in constant darkness (sin). So if we want fellowship with God, we must accept the Light (Jesus), and come out of the darkness (sin). Our carnal nature is to sin, slip, fall short; but Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. However, if we continually sin (live like the world) we lie, there is no light in us.

• How can we win souls to Christ if they Hear one thing but See another within is? Other believers see how we are living, therefore not only is our fellowship with God broken, our fellowship with other believers is broken. If our fellowship is broken, there is no joy. If there is no joy, then there is no peace. If there is no peace, then there must be turmoil present. Sin has come in our hearts; darkness has overcome us.

How do we keep fellowship going?

• By our fellowship with Jesus, keeping our hearts clean through salvation and daily repentance of any sins committed

• Our fellowship with God the Father must be kept open

• Our fellowship with other believers is kept strong

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