Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: There is a time when we must stand up and do the right thing, regardless of the consequences.


A. Listen to these words!

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything. I will not refuse to do the something I can do” (Edward Everet Hale)

B. These are inspiring words of courage and determination

1. They show us the significant impact of just one person

2. We can make a difference - we are the salt of the earth/light of world

C. The Book of Esther illustrates this great fact

1. This is a Book that introduces us to a woman of strength and dignity

2. The year is 483 BC and the location is Persia, under the reign of King Xerxes or Ashaseurus.

D. In this book we see the finger of God even though his name is not found once

1. God is at work during hard times Chs.1-6 and Happy times Chs.7-10

2. He may be invisible, but is also Invincible, and we see that here.


A. All the Jews in Persia were about to be killed!

1. Because of one man’s hatred for another, a whole nation is to be wiped out.

2. His name is Haman, and he is a proud, power hungry, dangerous and wicked man

3. Through his crafty and evil ways, he tricked the king to sign a decree 3:8

4. It seemed too bad to be true, and yet it is a crisis of untold proportions.

B. What do we do in a crisis situation?

1. Some go to pieces, others go the Prince of Peace.

2. Psa.121 - I lift mine eyes unto the Hills...from whence cometh my help?

3. When we face a Crisis, we need to go to Jesus Christ, the Christ of every Crisis, and he will bring peace and an answer to our problems.


A. Queen Esther had the power to do something about it!

1. Moredecai her cousin reminded her of that.

2. She had a very important decision to make.

3. God had made her Queen for this very purpose - from a humble orphan girl

B. But what could she do?

1. She needed to become involved in this whole situation.

2. Her intervention could save the lives of thousands of her Jewish people

3. But if she chose to do nothing, there still would be no escape for her.

4. This is why Esther had to have the courage to do the right thing.


A. Queen Esther could lose her life by going to the King

1. The King had to summon her, and he had not done that for 30 years.

2. She was going to put her life on the line for the future safety of her people.

B. There is a time when we must risk all for God.

1. There are certain times when we must put it all on the line for the Lord.

2. This requires great courage and character, but it is always worth it.

3. The consequences of doing nothing are always greater than that of doing the right thing.

4. Remember this too - God will get His work done, with us or without us, but He wants us to be a part of the plan.


A. Esther arranges a banquet for the King and Haman

1. Mordecai is honored by Haman Chs.5-6

2. Haman is then hanged on the very gallows he had build for Mordecai-Ch.7

B. Then the walls come tumbling down - Ch.8

1. The Kings heart is changed as he gives authority to Esther & Mordecai

2. The Kings Edict is replaced by another giving the Jews the right to defend themselves against any attacks

C. Chs.9-10 A Happy Ending

1. The Triumph of the Jews over their enemies.

2. Feast of Purim celebrated

3. Greatness of Mordecai - Ch.10

Lingering lessons to learn: (Source: Charles Swindoll)

1. WHEN ALL SEEMS LOST, IT ISN’T: Don’t give up - You can have the victory through Jesus Christ.

2. WHEN NO ONE SEEMS TO NOTICE OR CARE, GOD DOES! His Presence Power and Providence are all over this book -every page. He is working in your life right now even though you may not realize it.


Haman is a tragic figure. He was filled with hatred and yet was given many opportunities to repent. But his hard heart just got harder. Beware of a hard heart! Heb.3:7-8

4. WHEN NOTHING SEEMS JUST, IT IS. In the end God will work things together for good. He will reward the faithful and punish the disobedient and rebellious in His own time - perhaps in this life, but certainly in the life to come.

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