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• (1). The Parable (vs 1-16).

• (2). The Announcement (vs 17-19).

• (3). The Mistake (vs 21-25)

• (4). The Example (vs 26-28)


• If there is one word in the English language that is sure to cause a debate when spoken,

• That word is “greatest.”

• In fact, take two people, any people,

• And you can always stir-up trouble by using this simple word.

• i.e. Ask an England fan and a Brazilian fan who is the greatest football team,

• And watch the sparks fly.

• i.e. Ask two mechanics what is the greatest car ever made;

• And they will eagerly debate their opinion.

• i.e. Ask two people who the greatest prime minister or the greatest politician was,

• And they’ll chase that rabbit as long as they have breath to do so.

• i.e. Ask two Christians which is the greatest Bible translation.

• i.e. Or which is the greatest hymn book, or hymn?

• There is something about that word “greatest” that stirs something inside of us.

• Question: Why?

• Answer:

• Because greatness is something we aspire to, greatness is something we care about.


• In 1715, Louis 14th of France died. Louis,

• Louis 14th called himself “the Great,” (Louis le Grand).

• His reign of 72 years and 110 days;

• Is the longest of any monarch of a major country in European history.

• He was the monarch who made the infamous statement “I am the State!”

• Meaning he was the absolute ruler;

• And he did not have to share the power to govern France with anybody else

His court was the most magnificent in all of Europe:

• And his funeral was spectacular.

• His body lay in a gold coffin.

• To dramatize the deceased King’s greatness,

• Orders had been given for the cathedral to be dimly lighted,

• With only one special candle set above his coffin.

• Thousands waited in hushed silence.

• Then Bishop Massilon began to speak.

• Slowly reaching down, he snuffed out the candle, saying; “Only God is great.”

• TRANSITION: ‘Only God is great’;

• Yet the irony of Christmas is that the great God humbled himself;

• And entered our world as a weak, feeble, frail, dependent baby!

• And thirty years later when that baby became a man and started a preaching ministry;

• Unlike King Louis who to paraphrase his words said;

• “I do not need anyone, I depend on no-one for I am greatest”

• This preacher who was also a King (King of Kings) could say:

• Matthew chapter 11 verse 29:

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

• Note: This is the only time in the gospels Jesus ever described his inner self;

• His character;

• And he did not choose to say he was great but rather humble!

• And Jesus practised what he preached;

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