Summary: He came to serve others

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Reading: Matthew Chapter 20 verses 27-28.

• If there is one word in the English language that is sure to cause a debate when spoken,

• That word is “greatest.”

• In fact, take two people, any people,

• And you can always stir-up trouble by using this simple word.


• Ask a Southampton fan and a Portsmouth fan who’s the greatest football club,

• And watch the sparks fly.

• Ask two mechanics what is the greatest car ever made;

• And they will eagerly debate their opinion.

• Ask two people who the greatest prime minister or the greatest politician was,

• And they’ll chase that rabbit as long as they have breath to do so.

• Ask two Christians which is the greatest Bible translation.

• Or which is the greatest hymn book, or hymn?

• There is something about that word “greatest” that stirs something inside of us.

• Question: Why?

• Answer:

• Because greatness is something we aspire to, greatness is something we care about.

(1). Context:

(1). A Parable (verses 1-16).

• Which illustrates his own words in chapter 19 verse 30:

• “Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first”.

• The parable teaches that God’s ways and human ways are often not the same,

• The parable illustrated God’s generosity, not his unfairness.

• The parable again ended with the punch-line in chapter 20 verse 16:

• “So the last will be first, and the first will be last”.

(2). An announcement (verses 17-19).

• For the third time, Jesus has announced to his disciples:

• That he will be arrested, crucified, and also his resurrection (see 16:21; 17:22).

• In the two previous announcements,

• He had not specified how He would die. But now He clearly mentioned the cross.

• And he also clearly mentioned His resurrection,

• But the message did not penetrate the disciples’ hearts, they were so slow to understand!

Quote: Luke in his gospel tells us (chapter 18 verses 34):

“The disciples were thoroughly bewildered, not being able to digest the words spoken by Jesus”.

• They knew that something was weighing heavy on his heart and mind.

• But they were unaware of what that something was.

So to help them understand:

• Jesus took the 12 aside from the others disciples who were also following him:

• And he simply explained to them the events that were going to happen.

In doing so, Jesus pointed out the extent of his sufferings:

• These sufferings would affect every area of his person;

• Look at the description he gives:


• “He would be betrayed” (verse 18).

• That statement reveals the suffering of a heart broken by the disloyalty of friends.


• He was to be “condemned to death” (verse 18).

• There we see the suffering of injustice, which is extremely difficult to bear.


• He was to be “Mocked” by the Romans (verse 19).

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