Summary: God does care about each of us more that we know

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He Cares

I Peter 5:7

I. An Explanation

a. The first word rendered “Care” is better as in the RV anxiety. The word means a dividing thing, something which distracts the heart and separates from God

b. The word rendered “careth” means supervising and fostering care, loving interest, such as a father has for his child.

II. A Demonstration

a. Said a king to his minister “You take care of my business and I will take of yours”

III. A vindication

a. Does it not accord with highest wisdom think of

i. Our weakness, poverty, ignorance vs His Might, riches and Knowledge

b. With highest teaching

i. Commit thy way unto the Lord

ii. All things work together for good …

iii. I will never leave thee…

c. With the practice of greatest saints? Enoch,, Abraham, Moses, Paul

IV. A Commendation

a. Nothing so adords the gospel as a life free from anxious care. :Let me die the death of the righteous… “Entreat me not to leave thee…

V. A dehortation (Not to cast our care up him)

a. Is unbecoming a child in the household of God

b. Is a form of pride – subtle, unconscious pride is a the bottom of much of the restlessness and worry. “Humble yourselves … Confess the weakness of your hand

c. Is a form of selfishness” self-interest, vanity, world ambition

VI. An Exhortation

a. All your cares – Small and great – Daily and hours the care of your soul friends, neighbors, family, business.

VII. A Consolation “He careth”

a. I know that my Redeemer liveth

b. I know who I have believed

c. (Objection) does it not encourage laziness and indifference?

d. The very opposite – a steward must be faithful

e. Steeps to this blessed life

i. Reconciliation

ii. Renunciation

iii. Humiliation

iv. Consecration

v. Crucifixion

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