Summary: God is worthy of our praise and our worship at all times and in all situations.

He is Worthy: Part 1

Psalm 33:1-11

September 23, 2001


It is said that in Africa there is a fruit called the "taste berry", because it changes a person’s taste so that everything eaten tastes sweet and pleasant. Sour fruit, even if eaten several hours after the "taste berry," becomes sweet and delicious. Praise is the "taste berry" of Christianity, and when our hearts are filled with gratitude, nothing that God sends us seems unpleasant to us.

What is praise?

Praise is the act of giving honor to a person or to God Himself. It is an act of giving approval and agreement to another

What does it mean to praise God?

Praise is an offering that expresses the glory of God

Praise is the honey of life which a devout heart extracts from every bloom of providence and grace. -- Charles H. Spurgeon

Psalm 33:1-11

I. God is worthy of Praise

A. God brings joy to life

1. God wants to bless each and every person with joy that is beyond our wildest dreams. It is God who gives a person a joyful and sincere heart. It is not an act of self motivation or self will. It is an act of God

2. God promises His presence when we praise Him. Literally, we bring heaven to earth when we offer praise to God

B. God brings vitality to life

1. God is the one who gives us the gift of life. Each and every day that we are given from Him is precious and a true gift from Him.

2. God offers us abundant living even in difficult times. it is His power and His love that carry us through hardships and pain.

3. God is at work in the lives of His people 24 – 7 – 365. He wants to bring blessing and power into our lives on a daily basis. He is worthy of praise!

C. God is awesome

1. God is all knowing: He knows everything about everything. There is nothing that escapes His knowledge. He knows it all He is worthy of praise!

2. God is all powerful: He has power over all of creation. There is nothing that is impossible for Him. Nothing is beyond His power He is worthy of praise!

3. God is sovereign: He has kingship over the entire scope of creation and rules over everything and everyone. Nothing is beyond His control He is worthy of praise!

4. God never changes: He has an eternal aspect to His character. He is still the same as He was in the time of creation. He never changes. He is worthy of praise!

II. God is perfect

A. The Nature of God

1. God is without flaw

a.) God is perfect in every possible way. There is nothing that is flawed about Him. This speaks of His existence; meaning that there is not physical flaw

b.) We cannot fully appreciate this fact because not one of us is perfect. Not one is without flaw. Due to sin we are subject to illness, pain and death. God has none of these qualities.

2. God is without fault

a.) God is completely pure and holy. This speaks of the nature of His character; meaning that He has not fault of sin within him

b.) God sets the standard of perfection for the entire expanse of creation and one day He will put His creation back into perfection. He is worthy of praise!

B. The Nature of God’s love

1. God is the true source of love.

a.) There can be no love without Him. A person without the love of God has no love for anything or anyone. Thus the reason for the decay and destruction within our world

b.) God brought His love to earth. God gave us the fullness of His love through His Son Christ Jesus. It is this love that makes us complete and whole. It is this love that brings us new life. It is this love that makes life worth living. He is worthy of praise!

2. There are no bounds or limits to His love

a.) There are no limits to the love of God. He loves everyone and loves us all the same. God’s deepest desire is that all might be saved and have relationship with Him. God’s love does not change from day to day or with the circumstances of life but rather it remains constant and true

b.) God pours out the bounty of His love upon His people. We witness the power of His grace and love. It has the power to make the hardest heart break, make the weakest soul strong and the give the discouraged reason to hope. He acts on our behalf reveal His love for us. He is worthy of praise!

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