Summary: Judas spirit lives on, many are still betraying Christ.


(Jn. 18:2)

No doubt many times we or others have used this man (Judas) to show many things about deception, discernment, and devilment. All to often today we find people who just like Judas know the place. Judas like many today have the advantages of being surrounded by the things of God. Such things as preaching, prayer, praise and fellowship with other believers. Many like Judas though are headed for destruction. Look with me if you will and notice “He Knew the Place”.

Something that kept Judas from going to that place. We know by reading about Judas throughout the scriptures that each time he was mentioned it was in a negative way. I believe we will find him mentioned in such ways as dirty and devilish. By way of introduction here are three things that he desired that kept him from that place.

1) Acceptance- Judas want the acceptance from the religious crowd (Mt. 26:14-16). He like others today want acceptance on both sides religious and worldly. What means will folk go to today to find acceptance? Changing standards and convictions, dressing like and acting like the world, (you know God is still Holy, and expects us to be Holy also). (1 Pet. 1:16) You can’t be on both sides of the fence at the same time, it’s either God or the world. (Contrast- Pro. 11:27; 12:2; 19:6; 29:26) It should only matter that He accepts us! He wanted acceptance and he knew the place.

2) Accolades- His very name calls him out (he shall be praised) He wanted folk to notice him and praise him. The only one who is worthy of praise is God. But what will folk do to have others praise them?

3) Abundance- (Lk. 12:15) For thirty pieces of silver Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus. That may seem cheap for such a horrible deed. But many sell out cheaper than this.

Despite knowing the place Judas missed Heaven. I know he knew the place of-

I. Peace- But he died without peace. He had been with Jesus as he calm the raging seas, gave life to the dead, families experienced the peace of God in times of crisis. But Judas knowing the Prince of Peace now spends eternity in a peace less place.

II. Power- Judas had seen the five thousand feed, Christ meeting the needs at different times. But even though he knew the place of power, he died in weakness without Christ.

• Christ will provide salvation (Acts 4:12)

• Christ will supply our needs(Phil. 4:19)

• Christ will satisfy our longing

III. Prayer- Judas knew the place Christ prayed.

• Prayer Fortifies- He could have defeated the flesh.

• Prayers Forgiveness- He could have repented but he perished.

Judas died even though he knew the place.

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