Summary: To do what is right in our lives because he knows how.

He Knows How

Psalms 109:21-26

St. Luke 10:29-35

David makes a proclamation that his heart is wounded within him. A number of factors may well have contributed to this wound in the heart.

Absolams rebellion

Amnon's rape of Tamar

Jonathon’s death

Davids own sin

As with David, the un-named victim of Luke chapter 10 was also wounded. The reason or reasons for this wound are irrelevant factors. The only pertinent facts in both situations is; someone is wounded.

It is not the responsibility of the church to dissect the reason for wounds in hearts. The why's and how's of a wound are not the business of anyone other than God. It is however, the responsibility of the spiritual to restore them in the spirit of meekness.(Galatians 6:1)

I am convinced that the wound you may feel in your heart is not a mortal wound. You have not been wounded unto death. Christ has already risen with healing in His wings. He can fly to your fallen heart and restore you back to health again. If we can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover and if Christ came to bind up the brokenhearted; Is there any reason then that the principle of James 5:14 cannot be invoked to bring healing to wounded hearts?

God spoke through the prophet Jeremiah and said “I will restore health unto the and heal thee of thy wounds saith the Lord.” A broken heart can be healed by the same power that heals the lame, halt, blind, and deaf. He knows how to heal broken hearts!!

Rev. Danny Taylor who is the President of Ozark Bible Institute related this story some time ago. He was given a photo of his great grandmother. It was the only photo of her and also the only possession that anyone had that had been hers. The photo was cracked and ruined with age so badly until the image was almost invisible. Rev. Taylor heard of a man who had power to restore old photographs back to life again. He took the photo the the professional but was unable to visit with him personally as he was to busy. The mans secretary informed Rev. Taylor that there was no need to fear or worry about the picture because this man could without a doubt restore it to its original state. Rev. Taylor asked for some type of guarantee or credentials so as to be sure of the safe keeping of the photo. He said that the lady smiled sweetly and replied, “Sir, you must trust him, because he knows how”.

How true that is of our own heart. We demand to see God's credentials and have some guarantee that he will not hurt our already wounded heart. We must just trust him because He Knows How!!

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