Summary: God wants us to give our all to Him, and whatever we do give Him all the glory. Deborah was unafraid to go into battle against the enemies of God. Barak was in the need of the help her strong leadership. God can use women in a mighty way!

He Wants it All

Deborah: Prophetess, Judge, Encourager

References: Judges 1:16 Moses father in law lived in this place

God raised up Deborah at a time in history when the children of Israel were going through severe oppression from their enemies because of their spiritual adultery. (Judges 1:16-18) Because of the evil that committed in God's sight, he allowed them to be sold into the hand Jabin king of Canaan who at that time reigned in Hazor. The commander of this army was Sisera.

In verse 3 it states that the children of Israel cried out to God; because Jabin had nine hundred chariots of iron, and for twenty years he had harshly oppressed the children of Israel.

God wants His children to be free! Imagine being oppressed by the enemy for 20 years. Much like my own life. I lived in oppression from sin for over 20 years and it was much like the Israelites who God allowed the enemy to oppress.

We all have once lived in a state of oppression from the enemy wanting to be free but not seeing a way out.

It's not until,I got sick and tired of the way I was that I turned it all over to God.

If we want victory, we have to worship the LORD and him only! The Israelites were quick to forget what God did for them that they went after strange gods to bow down to them.

God is the one and only, the ALPHA and the Omega, the Beginning and the END.

How many of us in here can be real that it was at our lowest point in life that we finally came to our senses and cried out to God for help.

In the scripture we find a mighty woman of God who sat in a position of authority and of power judging Israel. She was a leader of the people of Israel.

The role of the judge was to first seek God for wisdom to judge rightly and to make decisions on behalf of the people.

It also gives record of Deborah being a prophetess which means God spoke to Deborah under the Palm of Deborah. This place was in the mountains. The mountains is where Jesus would often go to pray. Matthew 6:12---"Now it came to pass in those days that He went out to the mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God." I could just picture her listening for the voice of God to give her every WORD that she needed. So many trusted her and relied on the WORDS she received from God .

1) As women of God, it is vital that our complete dependence come from God. That we have our ears open to hear God speak. The awesomeness of this woman of God is that she was humble. She humbled herself before God and sought God from a pure heart.

2) The woman Deborah was a leader of leaders! She knew who her God was and trusted fully in the deliverance and I the WORD she received from God.

3) She was a woman of courage! She was not afraid of the enemy. She went out to battle and even there she was ruling mightily.

She knew how to take the lead but she also knew how to stand in a supportive role for her friend.

Barack was a mighty warrior and commander of God's army who at this time in his life wanted someone with him and so he declared that if Deborah went with him he would go into battle.

In the song of Deborah, it states that they both sang a song unto the LORD.


Whatever we do for God, we must always remember that if it had not been for the LORD, it could not get done.

Go in the strength that the LORD provides.

God wants to show up in our lives, the problem though is we have crowded God out of our schedules. Jesus is the Son of God yet He did not take that for granted, it was His delight aim and hearts desire to know what His Father had to say about everything so that He could walk and talk and do the will of God.


Judges 5:1

Then Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam sang on that day, saying: "When leaders lead in Israel, when the people willingly offer themselves, Bless The Lord.

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