Summary: Many disbelieve that He is not only NOT coming, but that He is but a myth. Look closely at the proofs He has given us.

Matthew 24:25-31


We have discussed the PROOFS that God has presented to mankind often times as a warning of thngs to come, but not always. Remember that God gave us a sign that He called the Rainbow and it was not a warning but instead it was a promise...something that would provide mankind with assurance that a Great Flood would never...NEVER...happen again.

But, most of the signs have been about His Son Jesus Christ...more specifically signs that He was about to either come to earth as a child or soon as a Conqueror and King.

We’re going to deal with the latter today...for our King is coming and coming least that is what I believe...I cannot speak for you...but perhaps we will be on the same page after today...Well that is my hope and prayer.

Let us pray right now before we get started.


It is always good to start with a prayer regardless of what it is...even a tooth cleaning or a baseball game.

We just read that Jesus, and therefore God (John 1:1-5), has been telling us things beforehand...before they happen.

But He also warns us that there will be those who tell us that He is in the wilderness or just inside...figures of speech. Last week we talked about False Prophets and they come in all sizes and shapes. There are many liars who would prefer that you become more like them and less like Jesus.

Don’t allow them...But they have arrived and are arriving.


Our points today are these: #1: Why must we be Warned, #2: What do the warnings mean, #3: Why should we believe and #4: What happens Next?


Why must we be Warned?

The simple answer is: Because He Loves Us. Why did your Mother tell you never to go out without a clean pair of underwear? Why did they not want you to see that boy or that girl? Were they out to hurt you? Of course not. For the same reason...They loved you...more than most things except their least that is my hope.

I’m going to tell you something that might cause alarm for you..but guess what...when it comes to smarts...we humans don’t really measure up. God is so much smarter than the smartest man or woman on earth...and that includes you and me.

Eve thought she was smarter than did Lucifer. How did that work out for the two of them...and consequently you and me? Not well!

God warned Eve...but to no avail. He tried to warn Cain, but he would not listen.

He is warning you and me...that things would get bad...and have they not?

Would you say that the world is a safer place or has it gotten worse in that last several decades or century?

God warned those who were on this earth in the days of Noah that evilness was on the minds of man, “continuously”...and then what happened?

It took Noah 120 years to build the ark and mankind had plenty of time to change their ways...but...well here we are again.

God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah due to the wickedness of men and women of that time. He despises evil and wickedness...and again I ask you... has it gotten better or worse?

I will tell you this...We have been warned and perhaps for the final time...Take heed.


What do the warnings mean?

Which ones...there have been so many. Here Jesus tells us that we are about to be lied to and to be aware. But He tells us that we can believe one thing for Him...just as the lightning strikes in the east and the west.

He then talks about carcasses and vultures. What does that have to do with lightning or liars one might ask? They are warnings of things to come.

Revelation of John 19:17-21

You see...this is going to a culmination of things to come...the end.

Again...we have been ain’t going to be pretty my friend!

The sun will go dark and the moon red...and then what? The Son of Man will return. He promised us this right here and that was almost 2000 years ago. He was here and told those who would listen...some 500 or better... and here in His Holy Gospel...we too hear it.

The stars and the heavens will be severely shaken... with stars falling and later in Revelation we are told that the heavens will roll up as a scroll... Can you picture that?

Okay so why should the everyday man and woman believe any of this?


Why should we believe?

Why not is the simple answer. What keeps you from believing the King of Kings and the Creator of all things...unless of course you don’t believe He or they exist...hmmmm.

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