3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: That is the one great thing we can do to heal the valley: hunt Jesus and ask him for help.

Simon’s mother-in-law

- The first "pope" was married

- Catholic family values

- Mormon family values

- Bible Study: every family is a mess

- Heal us from rigid family ethics

Why did Jesus go into the desert?

- Retreat, sanctuary

- To find healing for himself

- Away from all the busyness

- We may want to follow his example to find healing for ourselves first and then move on to heal the valley

They hunted him

- Jesus prepared himself in the desert

- The disciples hunted him and asked him for help

- That is the one great thing we can do to heal the valley: hunt Jesus and ask him for help

Sick valley

- We can not heal the valley but hunt Jesus

- Then he will decide to heal the valley from its diseases and cast out its demons:

- homelessness

- all kinds of addiction

- family values

- not welcoming to move-ins

The history of our healing mission

- support local charities like Food&Care, Habitat, Foodbank and lots more

- host AA groups

- teach different family values that do not put such a pressure on people

- be a home for those that are new in the area by welcoming them


Orem - Family Church U.S.A.

- lost generation

- restart the church through kids’ activities

- help families grow spiritually

Provo - In the Heart of Provo

- reach out to the community

- engage in the arts and social work

- pray for the community


- Learn to work together, because Jesus went to all the neighoring cities and did not care which one it was

- Let’s ask him to help us heal the valley

- Amen.

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