Summary: Sometimes we get so wrapped-up in what Jesus can do for us …when we really just-need to find Jesus!

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Just Words: Healed

Scripture Text: Mark 1.29-39


Peter must’ve loved his mother-in-law, …because he brought Jesus to her!

I’m sure that you’ve heard any-number of mother-in-law jokes… …such-as: What is the worst thing an emergency room doctor can tell you after admitting your mother-in-law to the hospital?

“Sir, we were able to save her!” [“Ughhh!] But, Peter must’ve had a better-relationship with his mother-in-law, than-that!


I. Healing

She was sick with a fever; …and that-was a serious-thing… Now-a-days, we generally-think-of ‘fever’ as a minor-kinda-thing. It’s unpleasant. It’s not-something that you’d wish-on-a-person; …but, when you have a fever, you take a Tylenol and go-to-bed. But… that wasn’t the case before Wal-greens and pharmaceuticals! A fever could be a life-threatening experience.

When Jesus-and-Peter enter the house, …Peter’s mother-in-law is lying-down, sick-in-bed, …sick with fever. We don’t know how long she’d had the fever. We don’t know the cause of the fever. We don’t know how high her temperature was. All-we-know is that she had a fever and that it had laid-her-low.

Jesus went to her. He didn’t have a magic potion. He didn’t do a medicine-man dance, around her bed. He didn’t do cartwheels or wave a magic-wand. No… He simply reached-out, …took her hand, …and helped-her-up. And the fever left her!

I think that what we can take-from-this is that Jesus wasn’t in-to putting-on-a-show! We have seen healing-services turned into theater. We’ve seen it made into a show. But, that’s not the way that Jesus went about healing folks. It was simple. It was personal. He took her hand, …helped her up, …and the fever left!... Gone! Adios! Restored to health. Feelin’ better. What-a-difference the simple-touch of the Lord-Jesus makes!

Mark goes-on to-say: “That evening, after sunset the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed.”

There’s a couple of interesting things to notice here. They are still in Peter’s house… By-the-way, …archaeologists have discovered both: Peter’s house and the synagogue of Capernaum! I don’t know if you’re into-that-kinda-thing, or not… But, Peter’s house was similar to other-houses of that time. It was kinda-like a compound with a wall-around-the-outside and separate small living-structures within the wall. So, there might-be a two-room-house in one-corner of the compound ~ …and that’s where Peter and his wife-and-kids lived. And, there might-be another, two-room-structure in a-different-corner of the compound ~ …and that’s-where Peter’s brother, Andrew lived with his family. And-then, possibly, a smaller, one-room-structure over-against another-wall ~ …and that’s-where Peter’s mother-in-law lived ~ …ever-since she became a widow.

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