Summary: I preached this message early in 2003 after our church had come though a number of trials. I have left the messge intact. It’s main focus in on realigning priorities. BTW Today our church had healed and is going great for the glory of God.

Healing & Restoration

2 Corinthians 4:1-9

Nehemiah 1:1-4

If I could paint a picture of our church it would be like this.


--We have been attacked this year like we have never been attacked before.

--We can let it break us or we can let it strengthen


--We shouldn’t panic


--In the process, many have been hurt.



--Church – giving is down.


--In the process there are wounded people

--Relationships have been hurt.

--Feelings have been hurt.

-Our greatest need is healing and restoration.

Healing our relationships.

-With God

--confess sin 1 John 1:9

--Get back to the basics. (Scripture & Prayer)

-With each other.

--Is there someone you have hurt?

--Matthew 5:23

--Is there someone who needs your forgiveness?


Ephesians 4:30-32

-Make our relationships a Priority.

2. Focusing our Prayer efforts.

-Prayer Focus every Month – This month Church

-Missionary Focus – a missary of the week.

-Make Prayer a Priority

3. Strengthening our outreach.

-Through the Sunday School

-People Contact – cards, calls etc.

--Visitation Program.

--Home services for shut-ins

Make People a priority

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