Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Exposition of Jude 16-19

Text: Jude 16-19, Title: Heaping It On, Date/Place: LSCC, 9/23/06, AM

A. Opening illustration: When I worked in NC as an EE, I taught classes at BJP County Park. One of my favorite classes there was bird song identification. Get around to the Red-eyed Vireo—“the preacher bird”

B. Background to passage: Jude is continuing to point out the error of these false teachers that have crept in unaware. He is helping the church to identify these men by things they are doing in the congregation. These are things that would have been more readily seen than some of the other things that he has pointed out. And again, he is warning us who are believers of things to watch out for.

C. Main thought: He points to three more tactics that come from these false teachers.

A. Complaining (v. 16)

1. Jude says to watch for men that are complainers and fault finders. This word is used of people who complain against God and also against others. And not so much a loud stirring complaint, but an undertoned murmuring, and stirring the waters behind the scenes. The LXX uses this word in Pro 26:21. The second word means to be continuously finding fault. These are people that are never satisfied, and go and look for others not to be satisfied with together. These are people that are dissatisfied with any way that is not theirs, including God’s. They gripe about circumstances and situations

2. Pro 26:21, Rom 16:17, Philip 2:14, James 5:9, 1 Pet 4:9

3. Illustration: Parishioner to pastor: "All I’m trying to say is that certain people might think that 12:15 is a little late to be getting out of church, that a pastor doesn’t need three weeks of vacation, that your office is offensive, that a guy my age doesn’t need a guy your age telling me how to raise my kids, and that if it weren’t for your crazy Third World projects we could have repaved our parking lot by now. I’m not saying those are MY opinions, of course. I just thought you should know what others might be thinking." "Suppose we return your tithes, give you a reserved parking place, make you an elder, fire the youth minister, and eliminate the music committee. Would that be satisfactory?" Grumblers seldom take their issue directly to those who can resolve it. "Officially, the results of the vote are forty ’yes,’ seven ’no,’ and one ’over my dead body.’ "It is better to pray over the Bible than to brood over the self.”

4. As pointed out last week, we must be discriminating when it comes to doctrine. Biblical clarity is necessary. But if the gripes and complaints have to do with legalistic rules (tattoos) or personal preferences (hair styles, clothing styles, musical preferences, time preferences), they must be silenced. There are appropriate channels to voice concerns and deal with problems. Guard against complaints leading to gossip. We are not suggesting that you just keep it all inside. Nor are we belittling your feelings on certain issues. But with the kingdom agenda in mind, there are some things that just need to be sacrificed for the cause (Fred). It is refreshing to be in a church that has so few. The bible has many “lament” psalms (Psalm 73), which is where we are to take our complaints.

B. Manipulating (v. 16)

1. Jude says that these men spoke arrogantly, flattering people so that they could take advantage of them. They were boasting proudly about who they were, not who Christ is. They were men who preached themselves, and not the Word of God and the Glory of Christ. They were interested in gaining converts to themselves, not to Christ. Sounds kinda cultish if you ask me. This shows the malicious intent of these false teachers. They knew exactly what they were doing. Satan is a great student of people. He knows their weak points, and trains his disciples well how to accomplish their objectives by any means possible. This behavior is hypocritical at best, and evil at worst.

2. 2 Cor 4:5, Gen 19:33, 2 Sam 11:13

3. Illustration: Two brothers were getting ready to boil some eggs to color for Easter. “I’ll give you a dollar if you let me break three of these on your head,” said the older one. “Promise?” asked the younger. “Promise!” Gleefully, the older boy broke two eggs over his brother’s head. Standing stiff for fear the gooey mess would get all over him, the little boy asked, “When is the third egg coming?” “It’s not,” replied the brother. “That would cost me a dollar.” the Princeton study that came out a few months back that scientifically studied how men made poorer decisions when shown sexual explicit waitresses while they were playing checkers, “Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not to envy, to follow but not imitate, to praise but not flatter, and to lead but not manipulate.”

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