Summary: Hear it with carefulness with self-application and in faith, be enlightened - LIVE IT

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SERMON Hear O Earth Jer 22:29

I. The exclamation – O

a. It is expressive of deep grief

i. O Absalom

ii. O Jerusalem

II. The Repetition

a. Earth, earth, earth

b. Expresses deep concern

c. How great the danger

i. Under condemnation

ii. In darkness

iii. In bondage

iv. Misery

v. Other darkness

III. The Condescension

a. The High & Lofty One Comes to earth to save

IV. The Limitation “Earth”

a. Men, not angels -

b. Earth not hell

c. Time not eternity

V. The Implication – Earth as a reminder

a. Of our native origin

b. Of our true nature

i. Not only from but of the earth

c. Of the source of our supplies

d. Of the wealthy state of our minds

i. Mans pleasures, honors – Earthly

e. Of our tendency

i. Dust thou art

VI. The Specification – The word of the Lord

a. Here there can be no mistaking

b. It is the word of the Lord contains the revealed will of God

c. Bears the impress of Divinity

d. Is possessed of Divine energy such as alarms convinces converts produces Divine changes – Civilizes, moralizes sanctifies

e. Here is no evading – receive its blessings or its curses

VII. The Exhortation – Hear

a. Hear it with carefulness with self-application and in faith

b. Hear it and be enlightened forgiven regenerated

c. Hear it and Live

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