Summary: How we hear what God is saying is of the utmost importance.

• Doctor told my parents, "He is not hard of hearing, he just isn’t listening".

• It took me a long time to learn that the best part of a conversation is listening.

• Some people seem to prosper in the things of God and others don’t.

• The paradox is that God wants ALL of His people to succeed in the Kingdom.

• If you are having a hard time in the plan of God, listen carefully this morning!!!

• The parable of the Sower explains WHY and HOW some people succeed or fail in the Christian life.

Jesus is sharing Four ways God’s Word is heard. [Must be heard to be heeded!]

1- The Wayside Hearer Represents The Hard Heart. (vv. 4, 15)

1.) Whose fault is the failure of this kind of person?

(1) It is not the preacher’s fault !

(2) It is not God’s fault !

(3) It is not Satan’s fault! [He comes in after the failure to “understand”.]

2.) Personal failure = Satanic opportunity!!!!

3.) The real blame according to Jesus must be placed on the way I hear!!! [Types of ground = heart]

4.) The remedy is “understanding”, which means to bring together, to put together. [2+2]

5.) This takes effort in the hearing stage! (Study, notes, ask questions)

2- The Rocky Place Represents The Shallow Heart. (vv. 5-6, 16-17)

1.) These people puzzle me because of the good start they make.

2.) These people are excited by the feeling of newness.

3.) But they have no real attachment to Jesus! [Little substance - Big Show]

4.) By nature they are “temporizers”. [Kenneth Wuest]

5.) He fails when he is tried or persecuted. [Fails the tests]

6.) Trails are one of the ways true believers are built up! (James 1:2-4)

3- The Thorny Ground Hearer Represents The Crowded Heart. (vv. 7, 18-19)

1.) “Care of this world”, rips this kind of hearer off! (Worry)

2.) “Deceitfulness of riches”, robs him of his spirituality.

3.) Literally, they “choke the Word” out of him! (= to suffocate by drowning)

(1 Tim. 6:5-11, Mt. 6:19-20)

4- The Good Ground Represents The “Good” Heart. (vv. 8, 20)

1.) The heart that hears and continues listening to the Word. (Effort)

2.) He understands! Takes the time to put 2+2 together.

3.) He bears fruit!!! (Jn. 15:1-8)

Jesus’ Conclusion: (vv. 21-25)

Be Careful HOW You Hear!!!

God is speaking for a purpose!!!

The responsibility is on YOU!!!

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