Summary: Some final thoughts on what heaven will be like

Some people believe that Heaven will be a simple restoration of Eden before the fall, where all of creation will be free of decay caused by 1000s of years of environmental pollution. There are clear scripture to support this idea Isa 51:3, Eze 36:35, Isa 35:1, Isa 55:13

I have two problems with this simple idea of a total regression back to Eden before the Fall. 1. We will all become Naturist!! 2 We will all become vegetarians!!

God never said we could not eat meat. Animals are a part of God’s creation that He has given man dominion over. If animals had been left to breed for the past 6000 years the earth would not big enough to contain them all.

As far as being a Naturist, “No Way Am I walking around without cloths for eternity.”

However, we will also carry over the gifts of human creativity; human creativity is a part of God’s perfect creation, more inventions in the last century that there has been in the whole of human history, will they all be lost? I don’t think so.

For example there were no musical instruments in Eden but their will be in New Earth, there was no metal working in the Garden of Eden (Gen 4:20-22) but there will clearly be precious mental and stone skilfully created for the New Jerusalem. Endless skills have been developed as a result of God’s gift of human creativity.

Continuity from earth to heaven, earth is a shadow of Heaven and so much of this present earth will be carried over to the New Earth

Nations and national identity, language, culture, Arts and even sports will be carried over to the new Earth.

Of course some things will not be required in the new Earth and so will not be found in Heaven e.g. the skills of those in the medical profession will not be required, law enforcement, so the police and traffic wardens will not be required in heaven, there will be no wheel chairs in heaven, and no handkerchiefs in heaven.

The New Earth & New Heaven will combine to create our eternal home. The New Jerusalem will be central to the New Earth & new Heaven it is the place that Jesus said he was going to prepare for us. The New Jerusalem will descend from the New Heaven to the New Earth and will thus fulfil God’s promise to dwell with mankind.

As well as being called a Country (Lk 19:12, Heb 11:14-16) heaven is called a City, in fact Heaven is referred to a city fifteen time in Rev 21-21. (See also Heb 12:22, 13:14)

The size of the New Jerusalem, which will be a cube shape, is incredible 1400 miles in height, width and length (Rev 21:15-16) The City is likely to have different floors, (don’t know this for sure) if each floor was 12 feet high there would be some 600,000 floors, the ground floor being some two million square miles. The New Jerusalem will be 40 times bigger than England and fifteen thousand times bigger than London. If these measurement turn out to be figurative, (no reason why they can’t be literal) one thing we can be sure of there is going to be lots of room in heaven.

There will be twelve gates to the City each bearing the names of the twelve tribes of Israel (Rev 21:12-13) one import point to note about city gates they were used to keep enemies out, but the gates of the New Jerusalem will never shut, as there will be evil in heaven and there will always be open access to be the Lord. There will be no queues, no quick passes just forever free and equal access to enter the City of the Lord and all it has to offer. (Rev 21:25) The gates of the New Jerusalem are made from a signal Pearl and because the pearl is a product of the oysters pain it may symbolise the pain and suffering that Jesus under went that we may enter the beauty of heaven. (Rev 21:21)

Paul speaks of being Citizens of Heaven and being seated in heavenly places. (Eph 2:19 Phil 3:20) Presently you are a citizen of heaven and in the future you’ll Take up Residence in Heaven. Citizen entitles you to rights, some things that are done in heaven presently you are entitled to now is, “His will is Done in heaven so it should be done on earth, Sin & Satan have no authority in Heaven and so they should no authority over you. Heaven is Full of God presence and so can our lives.

Heaven’s main street has flowing through it the River of Life (Rev 22:1-2) a water clear and pure coming from the throne of the Lamb of God because this is the source of Life. Jesus if you are thrity come to me and I’ll John 7:37-38

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