Summary: Christians are to proclaim and ask Jesus to come soon … but are we REALLY doing what needs to be done in order to see Him? This sermon answers the question, "Now What?", as we conclude the incredible book of Revelation!

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Heaven is … (Part 2)

Revelation, Part 32, Revelation 22:1-21


- In this final message, we see the HOPE of Jesus Christ

- FACT: He is he eternal deliverer in who everything rests

-- As a believer, we need to ingest this chapter to handle the first 21 properly

-- Why? B/C everything needs to point to Christ; else it’s about you and me

- Tonight, I want us to feed on this chapter; to draw strength from it

-- God has provided us the finality of this vision for us to look forward too

-- If it were not true, then Jeremiah 29:11 would have no bite to it!

- Tonight we look at (and answer) a nagging question: “Now what?”

- Read Revelation 22:1-21

Ω Point 1 – Eden’s Restoration (v1-6)

- This is the paradise promised to God’s people

-- V3: There is no more curse on God’s people (very IMPORTANT)

-- IMP APP: Jesus became the curse for us: Deut 21:23 tells us, “Anyone who is hung on a tree is under God’s curse …”

- We were cursed from the very beginning when Adam sinned (Gen 3:17)

-- This is the finality of what Christ has done for us

--- Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

-- APP: This should drive us forward!

- (v3) Forever, we will live in complete service to the One who died for us

- (v5) We will live in a place where the sun is not needed

- These words are trustworthy and true

-- The fact is that God has sent us all the signs to learn from

-- We’ve done nothing (which shows us Who it is we should worship)

- WE are to be the servants being sent today (this is critical)!

-- Without going and doing the work of the Lord -- what are we?

-- We are sinners who are not following the command God has given us

-- If you will, we are “infants waiting on mommy to feed us from the bottle”

-- IMP: Someone has to tell those who don’t know! (Someone told you!)

- APP: This should not be how we live (not for the mature Christian)

--- This is where we fine tune the focus on Him, and off of ourselves

Ω Point 2 – God’s Confirmation (v7-11)

- So this brings us to the eternal question: “Now what?”

-- V6: God’s trust is without question for the one who believes

-- V7: We need to live like we confirm our belief in Him; it’s our testimony

-- V8: John takes us back to the beginning to show us God’s comfort

- When we maintain the words of the bible; we are blessed!

-- HUGE APP: What is your testimony? Do you live by God’s word?

-- John proclaims his allegiance and loyalty … Challenge: Do we?

- (Ref v10): We are required to do three things:

-- 1) Know the prophecy

-- 2) Understand the prophecy

-- 3) Show the prophecy to others

- APP: Without this action, we are merely warming the bench

-- We are in essence, step-children instead of heirs with Christ

Ω Point 3 – Jesus is coming! (v12-21)

- The believers promise ought to take root in v12 … A reward is coming!

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