Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Heaven is real and most people want to make heaven, but are not willing to die to get there. This sermon is part two about heaven and the basic understanding of end times recorded in the Bible

Heaven is real part 2

Rev 21:1-8

This sermon is gleamed from the Bible and parts of SermonCentral sermons.


Last week we began looking at things of heaven.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but not many are willing to die to get there.

We agreed that life events cause us to look inward at ourselves, weather it is marriage, divorce, deaths, children born, major losses or major changes.

We saw that heaven was a real place.

It is not a concept, it is not a state of mind, it is a literal place that God has prepared for those that accept the redemption that Christ offers by the cross.

That is a promise of Jesus Christ to believers

We also saw that heaven was not designed for everyone.

This is not a final resting place for all no matter what you do or what you believe.

A faulty view of heaven can cause us to miss heaven.

God is a loving God, Christ died for all, but not all will accept that redemption. Some will be eternally lost by their own choice.

Christ loves us enough to give us a choice, if we do not want to spend eternity with Him, He will not force us. If we do not want to spend time with Christ now, is an indication of where our heart is at.

We will not be floating around in heaven for eternity.

We will not be worshiping 24/7 but will have an attitude of worship 24/7.

We will have responsibilities, and our jobs will be based upon what we do here on earth now.

We cannot earn heaven, but we will be rewarded for what we do for the kingdom of God.

Last week, we saw that an accurate view of heaven will;

1. Provide clear priorities under pressure.

2. Help us persevere in times of trouble.

3. Give us a proper perspective of possessions.

So that brings us to speed for last week.

What else does God say about heaven and the end times?


You know if we took heaven more serious, we would not be so concerned about storing up so many treasures here on earth and we would be more concerned about the spiritual security of those that we come into contact with.

2 things I found this week

1. Caption that had a stadium full of people and underneath, it said- when people like what you preach. 2nd caption had a church with a few people sitting around, underneath, it said- when you preach the truth. (makes you think)

2. We need preachers who preach that hell is still hot, heaven is real, that sin is still wrong, that the Bible is God’s word, and Jesus is the only way of salvation. A.W. Tozer.

So what does God say about end times?

What can we as Nazarenes do to spread the God’sword about end times?

How will we as believers identify end times and get to heaven? How do we help others?

2 Timothy 3:1-7 read

For years our parents and grandparents have said that this world is getting worse. They considered chewing gum and not paying attention to teachers as punishable offenses in 1950’s. Since then we have gravitated to drive by shootings and no value for human lives in 2016.

We abuse, tear down anything that is holy. “Always learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.”

The Bible is very clear that there are end time events that will literally happen and warning signs are happening everyday to let us know the slippery slope that mankind is going down.

Scholars may not all agree on all things, but we are clearly given main events that will happen, and what we can expect. I do not claim to be a scholar, but let’s identify the main events that God’s word clearly shows us.

In the book of Daniel, it is prophesied as the 70 weeks of years. “Jacobs troubles” Jacob is the Nation of Israel and records the falling away of Israel from Jehovah God. Most scholars agree that period was fulfilled when Christ appeared and died on the cross. The church age was inserted allowing all walks of mankind in on the redemption that Christ offers till God again deals with Israel and comes back for His church.

Some things to be aware of;

U.S. becomes less powerful and social unrest.

Seven seals recorded in Revelation are opened at different times and points to tribulation period.

West and East will be at war.

Persecution of those that are according to the world view narrow minded enough to say that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

Russia (Magog in Bible) will attempt to rise up and take smaller countries.

At some point when all these bad things seem to keep happening and man seems out of control- God will rescue His church!

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