Summary: Buckle up we’re going to heaven!

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We’re going to study about heaven today. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I don’t know a whole lot about where I’m going. After studying this I’m more fired up to be going there. One things for sure Heaven is not a boring place to be.

Many view heaven as a boring place. There view of heaven is a bunch of plump cherubim lazily floating around on clouds, droopy eyed and strumming harps. That’s nothing like heaven!

Heaven is not boring! Heaven is where the real action is! Why do I say that? Because God is the Creator. It was Melchizedek who said in:

(Gen 14:19 NIV) and he blessed Abram, saying, "Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth.

God is the creator of Heaven and because God is the creator heaven is filled with creativity. God’s creativity is eternal. We will never be bored around God!

Heaven is Heaven Because God is there.

Have you ever said. Ahh, this is heaven. I wish this would never end. Something you felt. Something you saw. Whatever it was that wasn’t heaven, that was a beautiful feeling or a magnificent thing, but not heaven. Heaven is heaven because God is there. I John tells us that God is love. Many of us have experienced an intoxicating type love. We know the feeling. It’s beautiful. To love and be loved. To have someone enthralled with who you are. Someone that excepts us. They know our weaknesses and still cherish us, love us and want to be with us. Love is powerful. We yearn for it and will sacrifice anything to get it We want it to last. When we fall in love, we’re sick. Head over heels in love. So much excitement, so much passion, can’t wait to be with the person, joyful, happy. We call everyday, chat about nothing for hours, hang on every word, do silly things (like write on other peoples property), dream big dreams, interested in every facet of the person, it’s just beautiful. Our hearts are enthralled. Love is intoxicating and we experience all that from a sinner! As sinners our love is imperfect. In heaven we are going to be in the presence of the source of pure love and loved by God who is love!

Tozer says this about God’s love. From God’s other known attributes we may learn much about His love. We can know, for instance, that because God is self-existent, His love had no beginning; because He is eternal, His love can have no end; because He is infinite, it has no limit, because He is holy, it is the quintessence of all spotless purity, because He is immense, His love is an imcomprehensible vast, bottomless, shoreless sea before which we kneel in joyful silence and from which the loftiest eloquence retreats confused and abused. THAT’S GODS LOVE!

In heaven we’ll be loved for eternity. In heaven we’ll be loved by someone holy, pure and righteous who always puts us before himself. Heaven will be heaven because you are precious to him. He will look into your eyes, bring you close to him and love you. You will never want to leave , never want it to end and it doesn’t have to because you are with him the eternal God. We’ll be loved perfectly by God.

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