Summary: You better put your prejudice away or you may not get to find out how colorful Heaven is going to be.

Proposition: You must win all men and women to Christ!

I. Because it is a sin to be prejudiced!

A. You deny God’s character! Deuteronomy 10:16-19 Regards not persons

B. You deny God’s Word! James 2:8,9 Love thy neighbor!

II. Because God knows no race distinctions.

A. He abolished man’s barriers! Galatians 3:28,20 No Jew or Gentile at the Cross. Acts 17:26 one race only

B. He initiated evangelism of non-Jews! Acts 10:44-48 Peter and the Centurion, Acts 8:26-39 Phillip and Eunuch, Acts 9:15 Paul apostle to the Gentiles.

III. Because you will avoid God’s judgment!

A. God will defend the ones you hate! Numbers 12:1-16 Miriam struck because of Moses’ wife.

B. God commands us to go to them! Mark 16:15 Every creature, not just ones that look like you!

Only eight people got off of the Ark so we are all related. Get over it!

God said we all came from one couple and science agrees that we are one race and we are all a shade of brown so stop exalting shades. Acts 17:26 In Bible times, you were either a Jew or a Gentile. Color did not matter.

Our old song is incorrect. We are not red and yellow, black and white we are precious in His sight. Indeed, it left out the color that we all are, brown. So it should be we are brown and brown and brown He loves everyone in town. Jesus loves the little children of the world.

A Klansman tried to recruit a friend of mine in college even though he was a Yankee. They said they were a Christian organization, but hated Jews. When my friend pointed out that Christ was a Jew the Klansman replied, “No way, Man!” My friend asked him where he thought Bethlehem was located? They parted company shortly after that. Hatred can be that blind. No true Christian hates Jews and loves Christ. No Christian can be against the existence of Israel and say he loves Christ when God has made Jerusalem the capital of the Millennial Kingdom. We are called to love all men for God would have all men to be saved. Amen!

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