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Summary: This message was No. 58 in a series of messages in a series called Route 66, A Roadtrip Through the Bible. It is an overview of Hebrews.

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Hebrews: Jesus Is Better!

by, Tony Thomas

Sr. Minister, Woodland Heights Christian Church, Crawfordsville, IN

No. 58 in a series called, Route 66, a Road Trip Through the Bible

Anybody remember how doss worked? My first computer was a Tandy 1000 from Radio Shak. Then the Apple 2E came out and it was so much better! The command to get into Word Perfect was, cd/wp51.

If you have windows, you wouldn’t go back to an Apple 2E with a green screen would you? An Appel 2E was huge! Today, you can take a laptop, an iPad or an iPhone anywhere and use a battery instead of having to plug into electricity.

Truth is … we like choices! My father-in-law and youngest daughter both use a MAC. It’s more expensive, but for photographers the resolution of the pictures is a higher quality than Windows.

We like choices, especially better ones! Burger King knew that in 1974. One of their more famous commercials went like this:

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce,

Special orders don’t upset us,

All we ask is that you let us serve it your way!

Have it your way!

Choices and options are really important to us today. Today you can pick up your iPhone and tell Siri to dial a number for you. Why would you want an old rotary phone? Or a phone that mounted to your kitchen wall? Or a party-line that you shared with all your neighbors? Maybe you’re like Bill Stockwell and you still send smoke signals?

Religion is a choice, too. We have more than 75 churches in Montgomery County. You can choose the size, the involvement level, the location, even the style of worship.

So how do you choose? What about the person who is struggling with his faith and maybe considering throwing in the towel. Is Jesus worth it?

Believe it or not, that’s where we are in our series on Route 66. Hebrews was written to believers who were wrestling with the issue of forsaking the better for what was familiar. The theme of Hebrews is Jesus is better!

In fact, the key word is “better” and it’s used thirteen 13 times. “Jesus is the guarantee of a better covenant” (7:22). “The new covenant is based on a better promise” (9:6). “We long for a better country” (11:16). And, “God has planned something better for us” (11:40).

Last week we finished the part of the New Testament that was written by Paul. We aren’t sure who wrote Hebrews. Some think Paul is the author, but he didn’t claim it. Apollos and Barnabas are also popular choices, and a few commentators think Priscilla is the author. If so, she would be the only female author.

Even though we don’t know the author’s I.D., it’s obvious the recipients knew the author.

13:24 Greet all your leaders and all the Lord’s people. Those from Italy send you their greetings.

Ever wonder why the writer chose to remain anonymous? The best guess is because of the persecution. Hebrews was penned when abuse for traditional Jews was elevating rapidly!

Nero was ruling from his throne! These believers had a choice: they could renounce Jesus and avoid persecution. All they had to do was return to the synagogue and observe their feasts. Jews were doing that in droves!

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