Summary: Part 7 deals with Jesus as our high priest

Hebrews- Encouragement for a life of Faith

Part 7

“I may not be perfect but I know someone who is”

Today we are going to continue with our study of the great book of Hebrews

This study has been a heck of a ride

Prayerfully the writer and I though his words have caused each of us

Myself included

To do some real soul searching

Last week in sermon 6


“The has to be a pony in here somewhere”

We learned how to become spiritual optimists instead of the pessimists that we tend to be

I showed you a picture of loving others through my friend David from Zambia

And we saw how when we love each other a Christ loves us

We develop our Faith

Which develops Hope

Which develops Endurance

Which develops even more Hope

And it is in this Hope that we find the Confidence to stand on God’s promises

The week before that was a bit of a mashing on

In the sermon titled


We looked at our own spiritual growth and or the lack of it

We saw how we must accept all of God’s word for nourishment

Not just the basic things

Not just the things we like

Not just the milk not just the shema

Or we will end up stunted spiritually

The week before that was another exhortation


”Sharper than a two edged sword”

In that lesson we saw how God’s word is designed to separate us from our sins just like a two edged sword separates flesh from bone

Prayerfully we saw how there are no gray areas in God’s word


How if we want to truly get all that God has for us

We must obey his word- completely

All of his word

The week before that the sermon was titled

“Pure hearts”

Our writer showed us how when we let sin into our lives

We lose our purity

When we allow evil and disbelief into our hearts we are in real danger of turning from God and his word

And we took a hard look at some of what that means

He warned us not to allow ourselves to turn away from God and he also encourages us to warn others of the same dangers

In sermon 2 of this series titled

“Drift proofing your life”

We learned about drifting

And why drifting away from Jesus is extremely dangerous for us in our Christian walk

I have continued to us the points from sermon 2 throughout the rest of this series

Loss of focus

Loss of Priority

Loss of passion

Loss of commitment

And loss of Compassion

Are the warning signs that we may be drifting

And to avoid drifting

We must allow Jesus to become the anchor that steadies us in the storms of this life

This brings us back to sermon 1 in this series

Which I titled the

“ The real deal”

In sermon 1 we were introduced to Jesus as the real deal from the book of Hebrews

We saw how he and he alone is the image of perfection

How he is greater than the angels

How he is greater than the prophets

How he is greater than the law

And how he was and is and will always be our perfect savior

And this image of perfection brings us to today’s message

Once again we are going to look at the perfection of Jesus

But today we are going to look at his perfection as our High Priest

In order to do that we must first establish a couple of things

It is imperative that we understand this concept

While we as non Jews will never fully understand the concept of the High Priest and all his duties

We need to understand and admit that we do need someone to intercede or us to God

We are all sinners

Lost sinners or saved sinners

But sinners all the same

And because of sin

We like

All of humanity needs a priest in order to come to God.

Under the old system

Men were appointed as priests.

These priests ministered to the people of Israel.

They offered the sacrifices to pay for the sins of the people.

It was their job to represent the people of God before God.

And God to the people

There was a problem though.

As mere men, they could never measure up to God’s standard of perfection


There was a constant turnover in the position

As men, the priests died or were prevented from continuing in the office due to sin in their own lives or the lives of their families

Year after year

Generation after generation

There was a new priest.

These were mostly good men

In the eyes of the world they were near perfect men

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