Summary: Superiority of Christ

Who is Christ? Review - END of V3 - AFTER HE did to CLEASE US he SAT…

Why? SIN - Let’s look at sin…

Real, Raw, Repulsive - God is everything but SIN

We sin b/c we are Sinners! In light of God’s Holiness… there is no light.

We love the darkness!

Sin is ROOTED in unbelief!

We don’t believe that God is all we need! We want all God gives us…

We don’t believe that Christ is all we need! We love salvation and mercy and grace above HE…

We don’t believe that the Word is all we need! We trust in our thoughts, feelings and understanding of things…

Let’s look at BELIEVE - 2 definitions - maybe 3.

I think… I know… (Understand, accept, etc…) I trust!

IF YOU TRUST… what is it in?

John 2:23-25; John 3:14-15 & 16-17

ONLY ONE that can save, Only ONE that I need, only ONE that I want , my ONLY HOPE - not a chance, not a wish, but ONLY HOPE.

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