Summary: When the Creator walks into your life, every splendor of this world will be dwarfed!


Ezekiel 31:”10 Therefore thus said the Lord God: Because it is exalted in stature and has set its top among the thick boughs and the clouds, and its heart is proud of its height.”

The above words are directed against Egypt and the proud king Pharaoh. When you look at some place in this world, we are awed by the vertical limitlessness. Everything appears to be racing up-up-upper to meet the sky. Winch your neck and all you see is these tall pointed buildings almost meeting the sky and touching the stars. Sky-scrappers certainly awes us; owning a flat in the word’s talking building Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is certainly exciting until the Messiah walks into your life! Are you listening? I’m excited to write this message! When the Creator walks into your life, every splendor of this world will be dwarfed! I write this with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my lips cause Jesus has changed my life upside down!

I had this yen for traveling and would keep gathering details of holiday resorts and also would be calculating and planning for holidays throughout the year. I don’t know how, but this ‘crazy zeal’ just vanished as soon as Jesus walked into my life. Don’t ask me if traveling is wrong –a ‘consuming passion’ for anything, other than Jesus is wrong. Such greed pushes you to gallivant lavishly, paying bills through credit card, which later squeezes your neck through heavy interest. Let me share something connected with this in my life, while working for a multinational bank in the credit card division. Since the department had made very good sales, the bank arranged for a free trip to Bangkok for the entire department. I opted out! I was saved during that time and my priorities were different. I have no regrets. I can hear some people call me crazy, fanatic; I again repeat every splendor of this world will be dwarfed! Without heaps and heaps of love for Him, I could have never done that.

As I type this portion on my laptop, I may not have visited tall buildings in the world, or I may not own a plush, opulent flat in a tall apartment, I may not have all the swanky electronic gadgets, yet, I have my DAD very close to me who is much more precious than all this. Today, we had a 8 year old little boy recite Psalm 119 with poise and ease at the church, which stunned the adults of the church and also was a subtle caveat for all who were nonchalant about the Bible. When I asked how many scriptures are there in Psalm 119, bang replied one my students of our ABIDE SCHOOL – 176. Such kids with Bible knowledge are richer than the ones who own sky-scrappers! Clap your hands for Jesus! Give Him the glory! Understand what is precious and what is not today! Apostle Paul warned, 1 Timothy 6:10”For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…” David said: Psalm 119:127 “Therefore I love Your commandments More than gold, yes, than fine gold!” Don’t calculate but give lavishly to the work of God and His ministries!

Are you proud today of your qualification, degrees, accolades, trophies, property, height, color, beauty, six-pac muscled body or flawless figure – what are you proud of today? Tell me. Beware! God would dash it down! Should I mention of the collapse of the mighty twin towers in US? Let us learn a lesson. Be humble. Stay connected to God and the church. It is good to educate your children but not by forsaking church. Are you listening? If the country or state where you work does not have church, then move out, it is not worth it. Are you hearing me?

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