Summary: Hell is a real place, made for Satan and his angels. WHY do you want to go there.

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Luke 16:23-24

I. Why Preach on Hell

a. Hell is a terrible subject and the thought of burning flesh brings chills to us.

b. Matthew 13:49-50

c. Matthew 25:30

d. Great Preachers have preached hard on Hell

i. RA Torrey

ii. DL Moody

iii. CH Spurgeon

iv. Billy Sunday

II. What is Hell Like

a. Palace of Wailing

i. Webster Dictionary defines wailing as a cry or sound arising from grief or pain

ii. Matthew 13:42

b. Place of Weeping

c. Place of Torment

d. Place of Pitch darkness Matthew 8:12

e. Place of Unquenchable Fire Mark 9:43:46

f. Place of memory

g. Place of Thirst

h. Place of unanswered prayer

i. Hypocrites will be there

j. Hell is FOREVER

III. How to escape Hell

a. Matthew 23:33

b. Matthew 25:41

c. Hebrews 2:3

d. Proverbs 29:1

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