Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The soldier's helmet is one of the last pieces of armor to put on, but it is vital in keeping him safe.

Helmet of Salvation

Ephesians chapter 6:10-6:18


We are winding down the series putting on the full armor of God.

We have looked at several of the body pieces and this morning we will look at the soldier’s helmet.

The helmet is essential to a soldier.

It is one of the last pieces he would put on before he would engage in battle.

We have looked at the belt of truth.

We have looked at the breastplate of righteousness.

We have the battle shoes- fitted for the gospel of peace.

The soldier would take up the shield of faith.

Ephesians chapter 6:10-6:18

Remember from last week-

Apostle Paul is describing hand to hand combat.

Not like today where a soldier can be killed and never know what hit them.

Shield of faith deflecting all the fiery arrows.

Making sure that even if he was hit, he would not drop his shield down because the next arrow flying could be fatal.

Now remember Apostle Paul is in prison looking at the soldier 24/7.

He is fastened to him.

He knows what each piece is supposed to accomplish and he is spiritually trying to describe the soldier so that believers can successfully learn how to engage in spiritual warfare and survive.

Paul says (v17)- “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”’ and with prayer- you are spiritually ready to do battle.

The helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit should probably be talked about together, but for the sake of time, we will look at the helmet this week and probably end the series next week with the sword of the Spirit.

Let’s look at the helmet.

He is describing head protection that covered his head and had bans of metal that went to the side of his face to protect his head as well as both sides of his jaw.

Helmets are a big thing now. In the 50’s, 60’s, 70’, and even into the 80’s, helmets were not mandatory.

As a kid I rode a bike without a helmet.

We rode in the back of pick-ups.

We did not have seat belts- they were not even installed in cars yet.

Safety since 911 has been factored into every aspect of our lives.

USA has developed Homeland Security.

New York City is in the process of spending millions of dollars on cameras set up throughout the city to keep New Yorkers safe.

I am not saying that helmets are not important, but awareness of danger has been magnified because there is more chance of enemies unknown trying to destroy us.

I think Apostle Paul watching these soldiers realized the danger of their heads not being protected.

If something was falling from a building, would you want a hard hat on or a baseball cap on? Both are head coverings.


Local pastor friend of mine was riding his bike on HY 230 near the Penn State campus and rode over some train tracks, it stopped the bike instantly and catapulted him skidding on the ground, cracking his head on the road with his helmet on. The helmet completely split into 2 pieces. He was okay except for the scrapes and cuts from the road. Do you think he is an advocate for helmet safety? Of course he is!

What would have happened if that day he would have decided it was too hot to wear a helmet, or what if he just had it strapped to his bike? He could have been killed or seriously injured.

There is a difference from wearing a helmet and owning one.

Only one way to save you if you were in an accident or danger- having it on and properly wearing it.

Apostle Paul tells us one of the pieces of armor for a believer to be able to do spiritual battle when needed is the helmet of salvation.

To me that is a bit of a oxymoron because I think; does He really have to tell a believer to put on a helmet when doing battle- to protect your mind.

Maybe Paul was thinking ahead to our day and age when you can never take things for granted.

We live in an age where you buy a cup of coffer, and on that cup the words “Be careful! Contents hot” don’t put that hot cup of coffee between your legs while driving.

On a frozen dinner- suggestion- defrost before eating.

A packet of peanuts- caution- may contain peanuts.

On a chain saw- do not stop chain with hand.

We are having to change instruction manuals because common sense is out the window.


A person a few years ago bought a large Winnebago that had cruise control. This person set the cruise control and went to the back of the RV and began making a sandwich. When the RV crashed, he sued the company because it did not say in the manual- must stay behind the wheel while in cruise control. As Jeff Foxworthy says- here’s your sign” people are unbelievable.

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