Summary: A sermon that speaks on the importance of helping those in need.

Where do you go when you need help? To the doctor, to the lawyer, or maybe to a social service? All these places are fine if you have a need that they can meet. But would do you do when the person hurting is not you, you still try to get them to someone who can help. We see the call that God has placed before us, not only to pray for people but to get them where they can be helped.

1. A Hollering House-We receive help for some people because we have heard what a good job they did for someone else. In the business world, this is called word of mouth advertisement. This is also true of our scripture, their was noise that Jesus was in the house. Are you making any noise about Jesus?

2. A Handful of Helpers-We see that there were only 4 men that brought this many to Jesus. Sometimes we get caught up in a big numbers before we do something. But this scripture shows that when we get together we can make a difference in someone’s life. It is not about the number of folks but the faith.

3. A Healed Homie-If we can just get our friends to Jesus, everything will be all right. This un-named many was healed because of the faith of the four. When is the last time your faith made a difference in someone’s life?

We have been called to help a brother out, by getting them Jesus. This will not be an easy task because their are obstacles in our way and the brother maybe lamed and heavy, but it is worth it.

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