Summary: When Moses held up his hand, Joshua prevailed and when he let down his hand Amalek prevailed..Amalek represents the devil, evil all that is satanic. How many times has Amalek prevailed in your life? Its time to defeat the Amaleks of your lfe!

Some time ago the children of Israel were travelling to the promised land under the leadership of Moses. They were on a journey. Do you know that you are in a journey of life to a promised destination? God predestined your life to a glorious future just as the Israelites were meant to be in Canaan. The bible says on their way in Rephidim the were attacked by the enemy,Amalek. Amalek decalared war against them.

The bible says Moses told Joshua to choose men who will fight the amalekites. Moses did not set qualifications, experience and training skills for the army, he said Joshua to choose men.Joshua did so. He chose men who had faith in God, men who trusted God, men who could die defending the sovereignity of God. He went to fight in the valley! My friend are you a fighter of Christ? what qualities do you possess for God to appoint you as his ambassador? Joshua chose men to fight. God want to choose you as his soldier, his army. Do you trust in Him? Do you have faith in His promises? JOshua went to fight in the valley! While Joshua was fighting, Moses took with him Hur and Aaron up the hilltop. It was for a purpose.Joshua was fighting the ground force; Moses was fighting the air force. You must have the ability to fight both ground and spritual forces in your life.Amalek will be defeated. Now children of God you need to take note of the following:

When Moses went onto the moumtain, he did not take a cripple Hur/Aaron, neither of them was blind, they were able men who see and act. Aaron and Hur went up the mountain not as spectators but partakers of the battle! Moses did not choose a blind man because he couldnt have seen the battle down in the valley! He did not choose a crippled Aaron because he coudnt have managed to help lift his hands, he chose men of ability. Pastor what kind of men are surrounding you? Are they able men? Its pointless to take useless men to war, get vigilant men, men who can pray, men who can evangelize, preach, worship God, sing praises and all kinds things in the house of God. And if I can ask you a question:Are you able to help your pastor in the Church? Be Aaron in your church child of God! Are you able to pray for the servants of God? be Hur in the church child of God!The servants of God needs your prayers and help to lead the congregation in the church, please help them!His hands are full he needs help! His hands tire with so much work to do yet mighty men are mere spectators. Help him!There is spiritual warfare going on, help him brother.Aaron andHur went with Moses to help.The bible says when Moses held up his hands Israek (joshua) prevailed and when he let down Amalek prevailed. My friend if the Men of God stop what ever they are doing you will be in serious trouble. The Pastor must hold on and he needs your support, help him for you to win.His hands are full. He has so many things to do and his hands may at one point or the other. Instead of bickering and grumbling and whining and complaining about his mistakes Men of God needs our support, let your energies be better spent encouraging him.What part are you taking to ease pressure in the Church? Many choose to spectators an the same people are from from denomination to denamination without finding satisfaction because they spend more time seeing what the Pastor is not doing than what he is doing!Help lift the hands of Moses. Dont choose to be spectator, the consequences of the pastor tiring comes back to you. Amalek will prevail against you! My friend Amalek is the poverty that is attacking you, amalek is the sickness that is attacking you, amalek are all te challenges that are taking away your joy and happiness. When you come to church, help the Pastor with ushering, teaching sunday school,The Pastor is there to carry the covenant of the Lord. Evangelism is the duty of the sheepe. You see its the sheep that bears other sheep not the shepherd, the shepherd is there to shepherd them- evangelize!preach!Win souls!You are helping the hand of Moses!The Pastor needs your availability not only your money. As a individual you athe Aaron or Hur so help the preach the word of God.Utilise your abilities while it is day for whem night comes nobody can work!

Aaron and Hur took a stone and made Moses comfortable, the manof God needs to be comfortable, keep him comfortable. Give in the house of God, support him financially as well. Dont let him live in abject poverty. Let him be comfortable.

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