Summary: The home


Eph. 5:18-33


1st of all may I say that I want to help our families.

I do not know everything & I claim not to be the best.

I just love you & your family & want to be a blessing.

Some may hear what I have to say & will not like it.

I promise the women’s lib movement will not like what I have to say.

Not even the Dr. Spock advocates will like what I say.

I’m not here to please them or make them happy.

I’m here to please the Lord & help families to grow stronger.

Every word I pray will be a blessing to you & will help.

Let me say by way of introduction that the Devil is out to destroy our homes & families.

In America we are seeing an ungodly attack on the homes like we have never seen.

In this series, we will talk honestly & try to help you have a home which is pleasing to God.

As an introduction let me say 3 things:

1) Successful marriages are built on purpose.

They do not come accidentally.

Just as neglect will cause the weeds to overtake a garden.

Neglect will cause problems to overtake your home.

2) It takes 2 to make a marriage.

It will also take 2 to break a marriage.

In the great majority of cases, problems in the home involve both husband & wife.

3) If you have a weakness in your home life, don’t allow PRIDE to keep you from admitting it.

Then get help, from Godly sources.

Go to your Pastor.

Leave the world psychos out.

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