Summary: Hear God's call for your life.

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Here I am! Send me!! Send Me!! Isaiah 6:1-13

One day, some 2500 years ago, a religious man by the name of Isaiah went to church. While he was there he suddenly discovered God’s presence in a most different way. No, This was not the first time he attended the Temple of God. As a matter of fact, he was a frequent visitor there. And in addition to have very good worship habits, Isaiah was a good man, who lived a good life and was known by everyone, both by friends and by enemies as being honest, honorable, and trustworthy. Then why wasn’t the presence felt and experienced before? Well, I’m not sure it wasn’t. Of course he felt and experienced God’s presence in worship before then. The difference was in the manner and purpose for which God revealed Himself at that time. You see, while we come to church to worship God and thank Him for the blessings that He gives us on a daily basis, the specific purpose varies from time to time and occasion to occasion.

Let me illustrate: we were all here on September 8th, 2012 to celebrate the wedding of Lauren and Ryan or you may remember the great service we had for Robert Moeller as we laid him to rest. The specific purpose was different each time, and God’s presence was felt and experienced in a different way each time. The reason for going to church then was different than it was when you attended church last Sunday or this morning. Though God was equally present in all the services, His presence was felt in a different way for rather obvious reasons. Yes, the specific purpose often makes the difference.

And so we ask: What was the specific purpose or occasion that caused Isaiah to sense God’s presence so dramatically on that day long, long ago? God’s invitation, God’s call, God’s summons—that’s what! What did God ask Isaiah to do on that day long ago? The same thing He asks and calls all of His followers to do today and that is “to be His witnesses!” To testify to the truth concerning God to all those around us and to generations that are lost.

And that is what I want to talk about this morning as I talk about “Who will go?” Yes, this invitation is indeed for each of us. It applies to everyone who, through faith, has come to know God’s love in Christ. But, while the invitation, “Who will go?” applies to everyone, us no less than others, on that day in the temple God made it clear to Isaiah that he personally was included. This naturally forced him to consider the question and give it some thought. And the more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he became, and it forced him to look at himself honestly and sincerely. And you know, when we look at ourselves honestly, we don’t always see what we would like to see. Well, such was the case in the Temple that day. God’s question: “Who will go?” forced Isaiah to look at himself. And he didn’t like what he saw. That is why he was embarrassed.

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